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For ecommerce enterprises, there are two sorts of product descriptions. There are two types of product descriptions: those that tell and those that sell. Which would you choose to make? Which one, more significantly, would your website visitors wish to see? A well-written product description has the ability to convert a casual shopper into a revenue-generating customer. However, far too many online companies only inform customers about products rather than selling them.

product description

Significant difference!

Today, I’ll show you ten fantastic examples of eCommerce websites with successful product descriptions, as well as how you may imitate their success.

1.Everlane [Fashion & Accessories]

2. Patagonia [Outdoor Gear]

3. DeWalt [Hardware, Tools, & Accessories]

4. AppSumo [Online Courses]

5. Dollar Shave Club [Beauty & Grooming]

6. Subaru [Autos, a.k.a. Big-Ticket Items]

7. Shopify [Software as a Service/SaaS]

8. Google Home [Home Electronics]

9. Wayfair [Furniture & Home Goods]

10. Malicious Women Candle Co. [Candles]

In an endeavor to supply unjust recommendations for as many businesses as possible, I forced samples of product descriptions from a range of eCommerce verticals. We are able to all learn from one another, right? Now, let’s dive in.


Everlane sells high-end, eco-conscious fashion and accessories for men and women. Their product descriptions match their style: saucy yet classy.
Here’s a glance at The Day Heel that retails for $145 online: Screenshot showing copy for a product What I like concerning Everlane and also the way they approach describing this heel (and alternative products) is that they speak in the language of their customers.  

Using phrases like “All. Damn. Day.” and “take your usual size” makes shoppers feel as if they were reprehension their friends, not business.   Key Takeaway: Write product descriptions within your target client’s linguistic communication.

Use the language your customers use in their reviews, either on your website or on sites like Amazon. Your support team will draw language from the specific questions raised by customers. Or head to Quora and look at the language individuals use when talking about similar products.

Approaching your description with this mindset can naturally make your product appealing to your client.  


It’s no accident that geographic areas find themselves on an inventory like this.  

They’ve spent years crafting and perfecting their well-known complete, and each single product description is an extension of that.   Let’s choose a product, any product.
One major part that makes Patagonia’s product descriptions so compelling is that they’re not afraid to talk in outside trade jargon.
Many eCommerce businesses pull away from the victimization of technical jargon on pages as a result of it “scaring off some customers.” But, for firms like geographic areas in an exceeding niche trade, it will cause the precise opposite by attracting customers.
Key Takeaway:

victimization phrases like “burliest” and “long days on the wall” enable geographic areas to demonstrate that their workers (as well as the geographic area as a whole) perceive the insufficient nuances of every product and the way it’s employed in the $64,000 world. That helps to build trust with the hardcore outside shoppers at the UN agency area unit, possibly to shop for their products and advocate for their brands.

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product description

Often, the art of writing an excellent product description that sells the merchandise lies within the ability to explain the insufficient things that create all the distinction.
The minor variations and options in an extremely product, which may appear trivial or boring to you, are critical to shoppers and help them make purchase decisions.

DeWalt, the creator of the fourteen

ounce Mig Weld Framing Hammer will simply do that.  Screenshot showing a hammer Remember, it’s a hammer. However, this isn’t simply any hammer!   This hammer option has a “vibration fascinating grip to boost user comfort” and maybe a lightweight 14 oz. “for a quick swing and reduced fatigue.”  

Screenshot showing options and specs for a product To find out precisely which options are most vital to your customers, begin with the product’s reviews:   A screenshot showing reviews for a product In the example above, the client cares about the hammer’s trying new, even when recurrent use—a nice plan to incorporate in future iterations of the merchandise description.  

You are not competitive with every product available online. You’re competing against similar products in your trade. A hammer vs. a hammer, as an example. And whereas there’s a great deal that goes into the shopping for method, one of the most important reasons why shoppers purchase your product over others is the way you select to explain it.

Describe the insufficient options. To bring up the nuances Nothing is too insignificant or trivial! [ONLINE COURSES] APPSUMO Although not every e-commerce product is physical, selling a service requires the same amount of author tact.   AppSumo’s create Your initial dollar online course may be a prime example of the persuasive power of what I favor to decide the “ideal you.”  


Many people wish to achieve success, create a large amount of cash, live a decent life, and be decent people.   The “ideal you” product description plays right into that natural human drive. You’ll be able to get a model to use the “ideal you” product description in your business by clicking on the button below.   Get My “Ideal You” Product Description model   This technique takes the consumer (metaphorically) on a journey from wherever they’re currently to wherever they need to be in the future.  

Notice, however, that AppSumo asks terribly specific and strategic questions.   Have you failed at the beginning of a business?   Have you failed at trying?   What business does one wish to start?   Then, once you’ve internally answered “yes” to 1 or additional of those queries, you’re conferred with four case studies of booming entrepreneurs that were in your shoes before.   Screenshots of four very different entrepreneurs All of whom have taken AppSumo’s course!

  Key Takeaway:

Why do individuals search? Individuals shop because they’re trying to find solutions to their issues. Now they have one thing to boost their lives that they couldn’t otherwise do or accomplish without your product. Show individuals the perfect versions of themselves. Use product descriptions to color a before-and-after image. to examine the copywriting formula. Read this. AppSumo uses this to jot down product descriptions that create $250,000+ in 7-10 days.  


Ever wonder why so many brands use humor on their websites, in their content, in their product descriptions, and in their advertisements?   Simple.   Humorous material tends to be recalled at higher rates than non-humorous material. It’s conjointly been shown to reduce people’s resistance to being influenced by advertisements.
For years, Dollar Shave Club has used humor to sell razors. Their 2012 campaign has currently been viewed over twenty-five million times on YouTube alone.
The same humor that drove that video to success conjointly drives sales on their website. Every product description may be a little extension of the Dollar Shave Club, even though it’s out of this world (pun intended).
In this example, they use the clever voice communication of “the final frontier” to insinuate that it’s the sole razor you’ll ever need, so they pull in a humorous visual with the road “like a private assistant for your face”: Many e-commerce businesses would be proud of the quality “not tested on animals” line. Not dollar Shave Club. “Tested on interns, not animals” is way additional on-brand and unforgettable.

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product description

Key Takeaway:

Humor may be a powerful tool to not solely facilitate individuals to bear in mind your product over your competitors’ product but conjointly to form influencing their purchase call easier. However, humor may be a difficult factor to balance in product descriptions. an excessive amount of humor and you’ll encounter as abrasive; insufficient humor and it won’t have the result that you just wish. Learn from people who do humor right like dollar Shave Club.

SUBARU [AUTOS, A.K.A. High-Ticket Items]

Selling an item wherever the value purpose is within the tens of thousands of greenbacks takes a product description that’s quite simply an ingenious sentence or two. Selling one thing sort of an automobile, for instance, needs a full understanding of your ideal customers’ psychographics. You wish to talk about their deepest fears, pain points, and wishes.

Their new Subaru Ascent product page is hand-made for her ideal customer: families. A screenshot of a copy for an automobile Notice what percentage of the time they say “security” and “spaciousness”—two pain points sweet-faced by all families.

They’re not done there, however: A screenshot of a copy for an automobile If you are still not convinced that this vehicle is appropriate for families, they require additional information to inform (or should I say “sell”), complete with a photograph of the product’s capaciousness to match. Now you’re convinced.

But what about the longevity of the vehicle? Shopping for one thing at this price may be a massive decision! A screenshot of a copy for an automobile Doesn’t worry. Subaru has you lined up there still. Observe all the info points here—when it involves technical aspects of the merchandise, you don’t need to have many possibilities. There’s only 1 component missing from this product description.

Testimonials and merchandise reviews will increase conversion on your sales pages by a third, making them crucial for high-ticket items. In this case, Subaru uses testimonials to extend the completion of their lead generation kind.

But there’s another variety of ideal Subaru shoppers that their team has discovered over the years—sparking a replacement wave of inventive product campaigns.

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Dog lovers

A picture showing a person along with his car and dogs Alan Bethke, Subaru’s senior vice chairman of marketing, summed up the importance of identifying your ideal customer(s) when he said, “We know dogs because of the common truth that made these house owners identical.”

Now I acknowledge Subaru is not progressing enough to have an “order now” button (it’s not a conventional e-commerce site), but the primary place patrons go once researching a car is online, so a good product description can create an enduring impression. Key Takeaway: If the biggest source of financial gain for your business is high-ticket items, you wish to specialize in a strong set of product descriptions that solve your potential and ideal customers’ biggest pain points.

First, address head-on what they’re trying to find most in a product almost like yours. Then, address the pain points that your product solves better than your competitors.


In terms of eCommerce brands, Shopify is at the top of the planet. They recently went from $205.2M to $389.3M in revenue in a mere 12 months and are the third most visited website in the world within the “Business Services” class. So why do over five hundred thousand merchants use Shopify to power their online stores? One, because it’s a killer product.

And two, as a result of the fact that the Shopify team has their electronic communication and merchandise description all the way down to a science. It’s all regarding an emotional connection. [*]Screenshot showing the copy for Shopify Shopify is aware that most of its merchants are tiny business owners. Those merchants need to understand they’re creating the proper call.I significantly love the utilization of the road “or out of the trunk of your car” here, as that’s extremely emotional for immeasurable entrepreneurs.

As is the feeling of being engulfed. Shopify has that covered as well: Screenshot showing copy and CTA on an internet site notice the line “no styling skills required.” This helps to instantly calm any fears business owners may have regarding making an internet site. Beginning a business is an especially emotional roller coaster.

As a business owner, you usually put your life savings and work into a replacement venture—which will take a toll. Whether or not you’re a SaaS company or something else entirely, it’s vital to do everything in your power to ascertain a robust emotional affiliation between your client and your product descriptions. Show shoppers that you just grasp what they’re longing for. Describe how you’ve been in their shoes and the way your product or service is an excellent resolution to their already agitated lives.


Sometimes the easiest (most effective) resolution for writing product descriptions that sell is to simply keep it simple. Unlike products like the DeWalt hammer that need immeasurable little details, things that are significantly distinctive, growing in quality, or high in demand don’t want all the additional diction.

Google, the creator of Google Home, is the master of brevity. Product copy on a screenshot When you’re fortunate enough to own a product that almost sells itself, the last thing you want to do is try to talk a customer out of buying it. Hone your electronic communication by utilizing a few simple words.

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product description

For instance, in every section of the Google Home product page, options are represented by an inventive 5-10 words: Screenshot showing copy for product techniques like assonant words or springing up together with your own distinctive one-liners to help set your short descriptions apart and provide them with personality. “Say it to play it” as used here by Google may be a nice example. Key Takeaway: The art of brevity may be a sorcerous issue once it involves product descriptions.

Having the ability to explain your product in a few words helps to scale back confusion among your patrons and increase sales for your business. If you’re inquisitive about a way to hone your message, I’d like to recommend writing as you ordinarily would. Then, take away the additional words that aren’t required. Have a go at it once more. And once more, till you’ve got a finely-tuned description that’s fewer than ten words.


Wayfair is one of the biggest online-only home merchandise retailers in the world. So, with over 3,800 staff and over 36 million active customers. Part of what makes them so successful is their ability to spark imaginations through storytelling. And, making customers feel what it would be like to have the merchandise in their homes. Take this hanging light, for example :

Product copy on a screenshot They could have gone with a good general description of the sun and its options. Instead, they begin with, “Greet guests with a warm and hospitable glow.” I can’t fathom you, but that instantly makes Pine Tree State imagine hosting a celebration and this stunning lightweight hanging higher than. Or rather, regarding this Kennedy Barrel Chair: [*]Screenshot showing copy for a product again, forget the generic product descriptions shoppers are likely to see. “Perfect for those that simply need to cuddle up with the one they love.” Immediately, I’m imagining a lazy Sunday with my partner. Where’s the get button?

If you’re unsure of what words to use once springing up with originative descriptions, our list of power words that may have your product flying off the shelf whereas your competition falls flat (pro tip: transfer the one-page pdf of 401+ power words and stick it up on your wall for inspiration).

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Key Takeaway:

E-commerce may be a difficult business as a result of potential customers’ inability to really see your product before they exit. It’s up to you to induce their imagination to run wild with all the possibilities of what your product can seem like and the way it’ll make them feel. usually means telling a story. Because the nice author and journalist are once aforesaid, “We tell ourselves stories to measure.” Or in this case, we have a tendency to tell ourselves stories to shop.


Candles are available in all shapes, sizes, smells, colors, and cases. But candles that are “infused with sass”? There are currently those area unit candles that I need to support-though only for the novelty of the merchandise. Malicious Candle Co.

And, their “Sending Thoughts and Prayers-Infused With ‘Absolutely No Effort’” Willdle is an excellent example of how irony can facilitate selling products with a bit of angle (or heaps of attitude), but you’ll have to be compelled to browse the site yourself to find those product descriptions.
Showing a product page The first issue you see on the page may be a non-traditional product name. Instantly, you recognize this isn’t any normal candle. In this example, Malicious Ladies Candle Co. utterly captures the spirit of however shallow a willdlwildlycan is.

They beat you to the point and subtract the self-love with sarcasm—almost poking fun at themselves. And then there’s my personal favorite candle, “Fresh Moving Boxes”-infused with “30 Years Of Debt”: A screenshot showing a product page What better way to welcome an in-depth friend or loved one into their new home than with a good-smelling candle, oh, and thirty years of debt?

The Malicious Ladies Candle Co. finds the proper balance between “gag gift” and thoughtful sarcasm—making them a superb inspiration for your product.

Key Takeaway:

Not all product descriptions are created equal, although immeasurable product descriptions are created identically. Same copy, same format, same style. However, each once in a while, you stumble across one thing special, one thing that speaks to you. we have a tendency to all have a touch of “sass” inside the US and the irony is that the excellent thanks for bringing that sass out. In alternative words, write product descriptions that individuals would like they may say, however area unit too afraid to. That’s the sweetness of irony, and it will assist you to sell products.

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