Want To Take A Screenshot Of Facebook Stories & Posts? Here’s What You Need to Know

We live in a world where social media surrounds us. When it comes to social media, there is another world. People talk, share, make connections, influence, blog, and do everything online. We have been to a lot of places, just by scrolling our little thumbs. Like any other media, we have Facebook, which is probably the first social media viral stories. Inspired by Facebook alone, we now have various other social media platforms that encourage people to be connected all the time. Although it seems addicting, sharing stories on Facebook and Instagram has now been a part of everyone’s life. We not only make our opinions but share every little detail of our daily activities. For instance, what we are eating at the moment, and what place are we now.

However, we are not aware of our privacy on those applications, many allow you to take a screenshot of someone’s stories and posts, and many apps don’t give such permission. Thus, it becomes crucial to look after our privacy on all these applications. Here we will talk about how you can safely take a Facebook story screenshot without the other person knowing. Also if Facebook’s other features (like messenger, posts and statuses) allow doing the same.

Facebook Notifications When Someone Takes a Screenshot of Story or Post

Some people ask, can you screenshot Facebook storiesIf you also had the same question in mind, then relax, you can take screenshots of stories on Facebook. Also, if you are worrying about the question does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story or post?” then, no, Facebook does not notify if someone takes a Facebook story screenshot. 

How to Take a Screenshot of Someone’s Story or Post on Facebook?

Can you screenshot Facebook stories on Android and iOS? Yes, you can take screenshots of Facebook stories both on Android and iOS. The steps to take a Facebook story screenshot is given below. Follow each step carefully without leaving a step behind. 

Android Mobile Phones

Most Android mobile phones have this facility to take a screenshot and save it in the gallery. You can take a screenshot by using a power button and volume down button. As soon as you press them at the same time, a screenshot will be taken.

iOS Devices

For iOS Devices, you need to use the power button and home button together to take a screenshot. The screenshot will then be saved in your gallery or album.

Mac or Windows Computer

If you want to take a screenshot on Windows or Mac, then you need to follow the steps given below:

  • On Mac Computers, you will have to use the command plus shift key plus 3 to take a Facebook story screenshot or a normal Facebook screenshot of a post or status.
  • For Windows, press Windows key plus Prtsc key from the keyboard. This way you can use these keys on your Windows computers to take a Facebook screenshot.
  • For Mac, Webpage Screenshot Capture is a web application where no installation is needed, and it also works well with both Windows and Mac. It is free to use, and there are no restrictions whatsoever. To screenshot Facebook on Mac, you need to follow these steps:
  • You need to first copy the Facebook URL you want to take a screenshot of and paste it in the tool’s bar. Now, take a screenshot and allow the Java notification to pop-up.
  • After that, you need to wait until the grabbing process completes, after which you can share or edit the image according to your requirements.

After following the above steps or instructions, you will now know how to take screenshot on Facebook.

Can Someone Take Screenshots of your chat on Facebook Messenger?

Notifications of screenshots are important for your sense of privacy. With so many social media applications implementing software to ensure that you know when someone took a screenshot of your content, it’s natural to wonder if Facebook’s Messenger service does the same.

According to Facebook policies and features, it does not specify any given features related to Facebook Screenshot Notifications. However, it is best to keep yourself protected from being subject to unwanted screenshots. People also search in the Google, “does Facebook report screenshots on Messenger? Anxiety creeps in people when they have this thought. But, there is no such thing. Facebook neither sends notification nor does it report.

 Unfortunately, there are a few privacy issues that Facebook Messenger users are concerned about. There are some times when private conversations are released through screenshots and circulated all over the media. No one wants this to happen, and private messaging is indeed called ‘private’ for a reason. Uploading Facebook screenshots of private messages is not only an offense according to the social media policy but can also cause emotional turmoil to the person whose screenshot it is.


So, now you know how to take a screenshot of a Facebook story on android, iOS devices, Mac and Windows. You can now take a Facebook story screenshot or Facebook messenger without letting the other person know. But keep in mind that there will still be consequences if it goes in the wrong direction.

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