What are the UX laws to be practised?

UX laws

User experience is all about the interaction between your product or service with a user. UX designers therefore focus on features like accessibility and usability to enhance such experience. However, UX designers also follow some laws of User experience to make their designs valid and useful in business.  If you are keen to learn UX … Read more

How To Eliminate Hurdles In Representing Disruption Claims

Eliminate Hurdles In Representing Disruption Claims

The construction industry is full of opportunities and limitations. The primary reason is that contractors have to deal with several factors influencing their projects, both internally and externally. So, the risks of disruption always remain within the core of the construction. However, once disruption occurs, it is essential to represent the claims for compensation. The … Read more

Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill Not a Disaster for the Environment

Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill

I have spent the better part of four years studying proposed US climate change legislation, state and local climate actions, the roll-out of the Kyoto Protocol and the implementation of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme. I have written about the large scale issues that must be considered in federal legislation, and looked in depth at some of the issues … Read more