Strategies to make Live Streaming Successful for eCommerce

The world has undergone a drastic change because of this unexpected pandemic. This has affected the economy drastically which made businesses to venture into new technologies to survive. Retailers who completely relied on their physical stores had no choice left but to seek for the alternatives to reach out to their customers directly and safely.

What is Live Stream Shopping?

Live stream shopping is just like the traditional television broadcast shopping where hosts used to explain the details about products and respond to the queries of viewers on a live platform.

With live streaming commerce, hosts try on different types of products, and customers can make comments and ask questions through real-time chat windows. Viewers can even ask hosts to try on specific products they want to purchase or have doubt about.

Hence with just a few taps, customers can place the order over the stream and they are sorted.

In nutshell Live commerce is all about providing customers with better product experience in real-time via video streaming.

In this blog we will talk about various strategies that can make Live streaming successful for ecommerce.


A live stream show should not be boring. It should not be just about giving details about your products rather it should be engaging and should have some fun elements.

Activities like prize draws, special promo codes or a countdown, hosting live polls etc are some of the ways to liven things up a bit and make live streaming shopping entertaining and interesting.

Offer Flash Sales, Deals and Discounts

Within a live stream you can offer flash sales,discounts, coupons or deals to customers which will excite them and push them to buy products instantly.

Celebrity & Influencer collaboration

To promote your brand you need to create a buzz in the market by collaborating or inviting influencers or celebrities to your live stream and asking them to promote your brand or showcase your products. Viewers watch and trust these known faces hence they get attracted to your stream as they have a feeling of trust. You can invite these celebrities or influencers to launch your products over the stream and also provide them with special discount codes which can also be used by audiences.

Host Giveaways or Live Contest

People always get attracted and motivated when they receive a good shopping experience, customers today along with shopping online also seek entertainment. Live Commerce is the best platform to offer entertainment to customers along with shopping. You can do this by hosting giveaways to your stream viewers or can do a live contest wherein participants will receive the gifts from your brand and so on.

Provide behind the scene looks to viewers

People often feel more connected to your brand when they know you and everything about your brand. Provide behind the scene looks of your products to your customers over a stream, so that they can experience the making of a product live. This also helps you to attract more viewers as people like and enjoy the raw looks of products and videos representing your brand culture. You can also show the insight of your office by going live on various occasions like diwali, new year and other festivals.

Host Q&A session

Apart from just showcasing your products, a live stream show should also incorporate Q&A sessions as doubts and queries of customers need to be resolved first. Once queries get answered and customers get a clear vision of products they are looking for, they are more likely to buy products.

Live streaming commerce has various advantages, but a lot of brands are still skeptical about it even today. However, it’s the right time to experiment with different live shopping solutions and platforms to see what’s best for your brand.


Generate entertaining and interactive live video streaming shopping sessions for your customers so that they are more likely to connect with your brand and grow in future.

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