The Right Way To Maintain The Health Of The Elderly

Even though the age is no longer young, it does not mean that health is also lost. Take care health of the elderly in this simple way!

Everyone who has entered the advanced stage or the elderly would want to enjoy the ‘twilight’ days with happiness. Unfortunately, maintaining the health of the elderly is not an easy matter. There are many challenges that must be faced, given the body condition of the elderly, who are very susceptible to various types of diseases.

It is undeniable that increasing age will make the body experience many changes. This process is called aging ( aging ), and changes that are felt include all members of the body. Starting from the skin that tends to be dry and wrinkled, the growth of gray hair, to changes in internal organs.

The organs in the body that experience the aging process first are the heart and blood vessels. The walls of blood vessels, both veins and arteries will become stiffer.

This creates a greater resistance so that the heart works harder to pump blood through these blood vessels. This is what makes the elderly vulnerable to high blood pressure or hypertension and various other heart problems.

Not only that, the elderly are also prone to experiencing balance disorders. This puts them at risk of falling, even when doing their daily activities at home. Older people who fall may experience health complications, such as fractures, infections, and disabilities.

Tips for maintaining the health of the elderly

The ‘unique body of the elderly makes them need special ways to maintain health. Here are many ways that can be applied related to maintaining the health of the elderly:

Healthy diet

The elderly are advised to eat whole foods and high fiber, such as various fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereals. Avoid ready-to-eat foods, foods that are too salty or sweet, and fatty foods.

It would be better if the elderly eat nuts and low-fat dairy products. Research says that a diet like this can protect the elderly from heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

Stay active

Try to stay active, physically active, at least 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t need to be done all at once but divided into 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon.

Physical activity that is carried out is of moderate intensity, such as walking, cycling, swimming, or gymnastics. Aerobic exercise like that can improve blood flow and circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 can improve physical health.

In addition, this exercise can also slow down the symptoms of dementia, aka dementia, control body weight, maintain bone and muscle endurance, and improve sleep quality.

Get enough rest

Insomnia is a problem that often occurs in the elderly. Those who are no longer young often complain that they have trouble sleeping and wake up easily at night.

Quality sleep will maintain a good mood, regenerate body cells and body organs to function optimally.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that the elderly have enough sleep.

Apply a habit of sleeping (sleep routine ) is good. For example, the bedroom lights are dim, sleeping and waking up at the same time every day, and not looking at a television or cellphone screen before bed.

In addition, you should avoid coffee in the afternoon or evening, and don’t forget to exercise regularly. These things can keep your sleep quality well.

Join the community

The elderly often feel alone because their children are starting to live apart from them. This feeling of being alone and abandoned can lead to symptoms of depression, which can be bad for your health.

To prevent this from happening, the elderly should join the community. Look for elderly communities in your neighborhood, and try to be involved in community activities in the community or at places of worship.

Many researchers have found that the elderly involved in the community will have a better quality of life, avoid dementia and other degenerative diseases (aging).

Routine health checks

Check your health regularly! Increasing age makes the function of the organs of the body change. In fact, the functions of vital organs in the body may also decrease. Vilitra and Fildena Super Active also help improve erection.

Even though you are elderly, it does not mean that you give up on the situation and allow the disease to come. Therefore, apply the tips for maintaining the health of the elderly as stated so that you can enjoy the old days in optimal conditions, be happy, and away from disease.

Exercise for the elderly

Based on the principle, exercise for the elderly should start from the lightest intensity. Then, after getting used to it, the intensity of the exercise you do can be gradually increased according to your body condition.

Walking, jogging, swimming, dancing are all types of cardio exercise. For some circles, this type of sport will be very fun and healthy.

Balance exercises can make people who breathe more optimally, have a more regular heart rate, and make toxins out of the sweat. This type of exercise can be done by the elderly for 20 minutes per day, increasing gradually to 75 minutes per day.

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