Post purchase review of the subconscious utilization method

Makoto Kawamoto is a subconscious consultant who described the subconscious utilization method, but the biggest feature of Potential Secret is that you can read the know-how unique to an experienced subconscious consultant.

A very unique and powerful subconscious utilization method that can only be discovered by Mr. Kawamoto who has faced many clients , which cannot be reached by reading a self-development book alone in the room, comes out.

There are surprising subconscious utilization method that you won’t find in ordinary books. In other words, it is completely original by Mr. Kawamoto.

To be honest, the amount of information is quite large. It takes half a year or a year for the average salary person to digest all of this material.

As Mr. Kawamoto mentioned in the teaching materials, he said, “You don’t have to practice everything at once. I want you to start with the work that interests you.” It is a hearty teaching material packed to that extent.

Let’s do a detailed review below.

* Since spoilers are strictly prohibited, the words are hidden in some places, but please be assured that the effects of the know-how are written so that you can understand them.

Who is the subconscious consultant Shin Kawamoto?

Makoto Kawamoto is a consultant who utilizes the subconscious mind.
By working about 21 hours a week, I have achieved a considerable annual income.

Looking at Mr. Kawamoto’s Twitter, I get the impression that he is a successful person because he is involved in various businesses and travels abroad.

He has a lot of clients, and the people he coaches are said to have high incomes, lovers, and dreams.

I’m a very suspicious person (excuse me), so I was wary at first. However, as a result of listening to the audio materials reviewed this time, I became a fan in a few hours.

I also run a blog like this, so I thought I had a lot of knowledge about the subconscious mind. However, the amount of knowledge about a person’s mind is overwhelmingly different between a person who is just reading a personal development book in a room and a consultant who has (estimated) hundreds of clients.

Obviously, he is a special person , but the teaching material that Makoto Kawamoto taught how to utilize the subconscious mind is this Potencial Secret.

Now, let’s review this teaching material from the following.

Potential Secret of Subconscious Utilization Manual

There are four main parts of Potencial Secret.

1. What is the secret and reality of the subconscious?
2. How to release the brake
3. The secret of rewriting the subconscious No.1 4. The secret
of rewriting the subconscious No.2

This teaching material is mainly voice, and Mr. Kawamoto talks about how to use the subconscious mind. In addition, there are several exercise sheets that you can fill out to practice your know-how.

I download the audio to my iphone and listen to it on the move. Since you can study in your spare time, it is very kind that even busy business people can absorb the know-how.

1. What is the secret and reality of the subconscious?

Finally, it will be a review from here. This is the introduction of this teaching material.

At the beginning of the teaching material, Mr. Kawamoto tells us to do. This is something that business people do for granted, but they also need it to harness their subconscious mind.

Is it necessary to do this by utilizing the subconscious mind? I was wondering, but I am convinced to hear Mr. Kawamoto’s explanation. If you don’t do this, your subconscious will never be rewritten. It’s hard to write in the general subconscious book, but it’s extremely important know-how.

The core of the main story is the explanation of the subconscious and the actual consciousness, and roughly speaking, nothing brand new appears. Mr. Kawamoto himself said, “Well, I think some people know it.”

Well, as an introduction, I think you are reviewing the basic knowledge of the subconscious mind. However, it is important that the subconscious mind, which is introduced as a characteristic of the subconscious mind.

The author knew about this point, but surprisingly it wasn’t mentioned in the subconscious and attracting books. I’m a businessman (self-employed), so I use this technique on a daily basis.

There was a business that I couldn’t monetize, but when I was consciously using this technique for a month, I came up with an idea. It’s not a cool story that I earned 100,000 yen a month, but I generated tens of thousands of yen a month of unearned income.

It is a technique that can be applied not only to business but also to work, study, relationships, diet, etc., so please practice it according to Mr. Kawamoto’s lecture. It’s an easy (although it may take some time) technique that will definitely improve your life.

2. How to release the brake?

This part explains how to release the brakes that the subconscious mind puts on its actions. This is the highlight of Potential Secret, and it is an interesting part where surprising know-how appears one after another.

If you write ▲▲ on ■●●, your subconscious mind will change drastically.

Shocking know-how will be introduced at the beginning.
When I first heard it, I was surprised and looked back at the macbook playing the audio.

I have read more than 300 subconscious and attracting books, but I was surprised to hear this know-how for the first time.

However, the author intuitively thought, “I see, that’s right.” Mr. Kawamoto points out that “the subconscious mind is influenced by”, and
it is asserted that it is 100% impossible to rewrite the subconscious mind unless it is. This is the only affirmative tone in this teaching material.

■ Problems with that many people have in common

Actually, the author also had the problem pointed out by Mr. Kawamoto. This is a problem that many people, not just the author, are likely to have, but there is no doubt that has a great influence on the human subconscious.

The subconscious mind when becoming an adult is almost a reflection of ●●, and I think it is obvious that human beings will not change unless this influence is exceeded.

Even so, there is no touch in subconscious books.
By all means, the focus is on affirmation and imaging.

Some people will suffer from the problem for the rest of their lives, but more or less everyone is affected by this problem.

Mr. Kawamoto proposes “write in” as a solution.

This may be a strong resistance for some people, but it is proof that you are strongly influenced by, so be sure to practice your work no matter how disgusting you are.

Of course, even if you don’t have a serious problem with this work will break the chain that binds your subconscious mind. Depending on the person, the subconscious mind may change drastically, and the personality and world view may change.

■ When I practiced the work, the author was saved.

To tell the truth, the author himself has pointed out this point to the fortune-teller’s aunt who is intimate with him. When I started the business, I had a mental problem and consulted with my aunt about her emotional distress.

This point was pointed out with Zuba.

The problem of tends to appear as a compensatory act is a pain, so you can succeed in business and get rich, you will be absorbed in love. It will appear as such a compensation, so it is a problem that is difficult to understand at first glance. However, there is an experienced aunt.

You’ve brilliantly approached the core of my problem and scooped it out.

After that, in the case of the author, I did not know how to approach, and I left the problem to this day.

Therefore, when I learned about Mr. Kawamoto’s work, I was surprised that there was such a subconscious utilization method, and immediately put it into practice.

To be honest, I was pretty embarrassed, but I was able to do it safely. At first, it didn’t go so well, but after repeating the traffic for about a week, it seemed natural to say, “Let’s stop worrying about anymore. It was something that couldn’t be helped.” became.

I felt very refreshed, and when I woke up in the morning, I felt very refreshed, and that feeling is still going on. The trauma has disappeared.

As a result, I feel that my subconscious mind has changed in a short period of time. Recently, I’ve been less depressed and less likely to be drunk. I began to focus on constructive things such as reading and studying. I’m getting more motivated naturally, so I feel like I’m moving forward.

Obviously, thanks to writing in.
I was able to solve the problems I have avoided since I was born.

Potential Secret Subconscious Utilization Manual

Another part will introduce you to powerful exercises.

By doing this exercise,
you can get rid of the intense prejudices that dominate you today.

Specifically, “I can’t work”, “I’m definitely not popular with women”, “I’m shy and I’m not good at relationships”, or I got it as a result of tripping somewhere in my life It’s a prejudice against myself.

These prejudices are putting a lot of brakes on you, but this exercise gives you a viewpoint to remove the negative prejudices.

The author has a prejudice about relationships.
The prejudice is that “I don’t like people. Relationships are tough.”

If you look at it, it just trips somewhere in your life and thinks that way. It’s just a belief.

However, even if we know that we have such a habit of mind,
we cannot abandon our prejudice against ourselves.

So, it is Mr. Kawamoto’s work. By writing, you can objectively view yourself and naturally understand how biased your perspective is.

In rewriting the subconscious mind, it is important to look at yourself from a bird’s-eye view, and as soon as you get a <viewpoint>, you will be free from prejudice.

One of my favorite movies is “Silver Linings Playbook”, but both men and women in this movie are in a mental hospital and have mental problems.

They are Bjoki who repeats abnormal behavior. Then, in a certain event, the sick people meet each other, but when the two abnormal people meet, they come to see themselves objectively. Simply put, weird people can see themselves objectively when they see them. As a result, they are a moving story of finally solving a mental problem.

Although the methodology is different, this exercise is also a way to see yourself objectively. Your chest will be much easier.

In addition, interesting know-how will be introduced.
It is a subconscious utilization method of “speaking to others”.

This is subconscious utilization method is unique to consultants that cannot pick up general books. There is also an immediate effect, and the subconscious mind may change at that moment.

Since I’m writing a blog like this, I’m keeping an antenna on the information, but I was told, “I was done! I wanted to write.” It can be said that it is a super-class big story .

Some people may feel psychological resistance,
but when they actually try it, their hearts become lighter and they laugh on the spot.

It gives the impression of being a sincere person and has a positive effect on relationships. It’s a fun subconscious utilization method with good things.

The more serious you have, the more likely you are to change your personality. Don’t worry about it forever, let’s lighten your mind with this method.

The moment you do this, your heart changes. For a moment, I think “Oh, I’ve done it”, but the other person laughs and I feel refreshed.

You can destroy the brake that binds your subconscious mind with a single blow.

The secret No. 1 to rewrite the subconscious mind in subconscious utilization method.

From here, it will be a collection of techniques for utilizing the subconscious mind.

The first is I think some people know it.

Specifically, it is a subconscious utilization method of relaxing to rewrite the subconscious mind, so that the subconscious mind will receive the message obediently. I also do it like a habit, but

It’s a great way to stay calm. I’m working on it before making an affirmation, but if you want to rewrite your subconscious mind, you should do it with a mast. It’s a simple subconscious utilization method that anyone can do.

The second is also a famous subconscious utilization method. There is nothing new about it.

This is a subconscious utilization method that I also practice, but it is also a must-have method for fulfilling dreams and growing humanly.

Some people may find it annoying, but if you don’t do this, your subconscious mind won’t know what to do, so be sure to work on it. It’s fun work, so it’s addictive.

The third is a fairly fresh method.
When I listen to it, I think “Oh, I see”, but I don’t think anyone has done so much.

To be honest, it takes energy at first to put it into practice, but this is a subconscious utilization method that brings about a direct change in the subconscious mind in subconscious utilization method.
It’s annoying before you put it into practice, but it’s a lot of fun once you start doing it.

The fourth is a well-known method that no one does.

This is a technique to remember your dreams and goals, and always be aware of the direction of your life. I don’t say it’s all the time, but I can keep conscious of my dreams and goals in my busy life.

It’s a method for you to always dream of yourself, so your subconscious mind will slowly change accordingly.

The fifth is a very famous method, so it has already been mentioned.

However, Mr. Kawamoto’s original subconscious utilization method was explained, and I was impressed with “Is there such a method?”

I do using “something” that can be bought for about 3000 yen, but this certainly goes into the subconscious.

Mr. Kawamoto also talked about it as a matter of course, and it’s a pity that he wasn’t dug deep (please ask because there is email support), but since it’s a great petit subconscious utilization method, I also clean the room. I will try to use “something”.

The sixth is already mentioned.
This point is not new, so I will skip it in this review.
Certainly the subconscious utilization method itself has a positive effect on the subconscious.

The secret No.2 to rewriting the subconscious

This is a continuation of the previous part.

The seventh subconscious utilization method is to change the ideal.

This is a method that makes good use of human psychology and is a great way to control your own behavior. It’s frustrating to say specifically, but it’s a way to put yourself in autopilot mode .

Immediately, I also practiced it.

I’m a businessman who runs a company, so I have to digest my schedule. However, since I am also a normal person, I sometimes feel uncomfortable and cannot digest my schedule.

So I did “Ideal”, but after a week, I gradually became able to follow.

Thanks to that, I’m getting more and more time to do muscle training, which was a bit of a slack, so I’m in good shape.

It makes good use of the mechanism of the human mind, so it doesn’t require much effort and I don’t feel like I’m overdoing it. It’s a strange feeling. Because you can act as if someone is manipulating you.

■ A great way to get into the subconscious.

In addition, a very novel subconscious utilization method will be introduced.
This is Kawamoto-san’s original subconscious utilization method, which is absolutely unheard of in general books.

What’s amazing is that when you do this work, your emotions come in naturally.

It is often introduced in subconscious books as “Let’s sing words with excitement.” However, most people can’t get excited about their unfulfilled dreams. Naturally, it is natural.

However, using this subconscious utilization method by Mr. Kawamoto, anyone can naturally feel emotional. Not only excitement, but all kinds of emotions come up and tears come out for some people. That will happen naturally.

According to Mr. Kawamoto, “(Ideal self) goes into the subconscious mind because it naturally comes with emotions, so it’s a powerful subconscious utilization method.” That’s exactly right.

The author also stopped the voice of the potential secret and worked on it on the spot, but the feeling naturally got excited.

For example, after watching a movie that makes your dreams come true, you will say “OK! I’ll do it!”, But that high spirit is born.

Of course, the spirit is uplifting, so the subconscious mind has a solid message. The feeling of entering after work is also amazing.

The know-how is so good that you can compete for one or two among Potencial Secrets, so if you can’t master your subconscious mind well, please do it.

The eighth is to “do to the subconscious”.

This is the know-how known to those in the know who sometimes appear in subconscious books.
As already mentioned, Mr. Kawamoto emphasizes that “this is extremely important.”

It seems that by doing the right, ideas that will drastically change your life will be born naturally, and Mr. Kawamoto himself got the ideal annual income by using this method. Mr. Kawamoto’s power is also full of voice.

I have also adopted this subconscious utilization method. I’m a self-employed person, so it’s a matter of course, but even if you use your subconscious mind, this is a must.

Being careful about spoilers, it ‘s a way to give commands to the subconscious, but without it , the growth speed will be different.

You’ll want to do it as soon as you hear the Potential Secret (which I’ve experienced many times) as it can directly change your life.

The ninth one is already mentioned, so it’s not new.

Some may already be working on it. I have also adopted it as a v, but I will omit it because there is nothing special to mention.

The ultimate subconscious utilization method will be taught

The best and ultimate subconscious utilization method of Potencial Secret will be taught.

As you can tell by listening, this is the strongest way to utilize the subconscious mind.
Kawamoto’s also “This enters the most subconscious” are you saying with, but
I also definitely “in the end this method is the best,” I think that it is.

As for how great the subconscious utilization method is, it’s probably the easiest to subconscious on the planet ( I’m talking about it ).

Compared to this method, neither affirmation nor imaging is a big deal.

You don’t need to relax, you don’t need any technique, and you can come in naturally.

Unfortunately, this is not an immediate method for some people.

However, since you listened to the potential secret, you should definitely work on this subconscious utilization method with a mast.

Even if you can change your life with this teaching material, its success will not last long unless you practice this ultimate know-how on a daily basis. Even if it lasts for a long time, every day becomes very boring.

It’s easy to overlook, but what really matters in life is your own personality who can practice this subconscious utilization method. Even if you succeed without this, you will not be happy, so please do as Mr. Kawamoto taught you. This is the secret to changing your life.

Excellent teaching materials without complaint

So far, we have reviewed the main part of Potential Secret.

The main teaching material is the voice that Mr. Kawamoto speaks directly, but the exercise sheet and bonus voice are also included, which is full of volume.

In a nutshell, it is the “ultimate weapon for utilizing the subconscious utilization method . 

Some subconscious utilization methods are super powerful and can make a positive difference in your subconscious mind. To be honest, if this doesn’t work, I recommend getting face-to-face mental coaching.

The author is basically a person who makes calm comments on such teaching materials, but this teaching material is exceptional. I met the real thing after a long time.

In the past, when I started studying the subconscious mind, I bought a second-hand Golden Program for Na-Leon-Le for about 80,000 yen.

To be clear, it didn’t help. I was disappointed with the program of Jo-Fuma-E just by using the contents that can be purchased at the bookstore as audiobooks. It was used, but at least it was a salvation.

I have repeated such experiences, but the Potential Secret was worth the purchase. The original subconscious utilization method, backed by Mr. Kawamoto’s experience as a consultant, cannot be read anywhere else.

The methodology is so important …
I’m really sorry.
I learned that I was not studying.

It is recommended for beginners of the subconscious mind, and it is also fresh for frustrated groups who can not get results easily. If you have the desire to practice your work seriously, you have the potential to change your life.

The author will also design future life with a focus on potential secrets. We will continue to report on the results of Potential Secret on this blog, so please look forward to it.

Long sentence, I’m very sorry.
This concludes the review of Potential Secret.
I wish you a better change in your life.

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