Experiences that attracted reunion by writing a desire on paper

The first time I learned about “attracting” was when I was mentally tired. Six months after my divorce, I was invited to a date by a colleague at work who had a good taste and taste.

I’ve been interested in it for a long time, so I decided to have a fun date and confess on my way home. But my concerns were that he was 10 years younger than me, that I had an adolescent daughter, and that his desire to marry was quite strong.

At first, I wanted to slowly move toward marriage, but since he changed jobs and a woman of the same age entered the workplace, the relationship between the two has changed.

The woman liked him and confessed. He refused, “I have someone I’m dating,” but when I learned that I was older and had children, he said, “You should dating someone who suits you.” It seems that he did.

Then he began to worry, and when I heard it from his mouth, I also began to worry. I’m sure he’ll be away … I’m just having a hard time … Thinking is all negative.

Sure enough, he gradually moved away from me, with negative emotions repeating every day, and eventually broke up.

I couldn’t recover for a while and was mentally tired because I withdrew as I liked him. At that time, I came across a book called “Attractive” at a bookstore that I entered.

Thoughts are embodied in the book. Negative thinking attracts negatives. Wishes come true when you are excited and positive. It was written in detail about the method of attracting, such as concrete image.

When I read it, my thoughts may have drawn him away. Aware of the fact that, from among the various attracted approach, to try to pull the wish by writing to write a diary every day.

Before going to bed, write a wish, imagine that it has come true, and fall asleep. I repeated it every day and tried to spend it with excitement every day.

Since I started attracting people, I have been given what I wanted and received extra income. Lucky things continued.

Regarding “lover”, which was my number one wish, about a year after farewell, he contacted me “I want to start over” and decided to go out with him again. I was hoping that he would be nice, but I think he was the image of him at the bottom of my heart.

After that, we have a
quarrel, but we continue to have a gentle relationship.

Yes, I still keep writing my wishes in my diary and writing about my future with him. I am confident that it will come true in the not too distant future.

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