Why project management is a great IT career choice?

Project managers are always in demand, irrespective of the industry, certified professionals are continually required to plot and provision the work. Although, high-level project management can be a complicated and profitable career. Why project management as a career? If you have puzzled whether becoming project management is the right choice or not, this article will help you make clear why project management might be your best career move.

What is the work of project managers?

The basic principles of project management include planning, organizing, securing, controlling, leading, and managing assets and tasks to attain the desired organizational goals. Project managers decide techniques to start the project, examine and recognize the project requirements, examine and convey the specified specialists on board, and audit the development of the work.

Along with this, a project manager is responsible for:

  • Deciding the work plan
  • Setting the budget of the project
  • Reporting on development to stakeholders
  • Conducting the meetings to monitor the progress
  • Managing the culture of the team and stakeholders
  • Setting the schedule and time frame for the project and all subprojects

Project managers have to work on multiple projects, schedules, and tasks at the same time which can be extremely difficult. With the right training and experience, individuals can learn to handle this efficiently as their efficiency is the most important thing for an organization.

Scope of project management

Similar to many jobs, project management also requires someone to have a lot of abilities to be successful. Along with the organizational skills, project managers should be great at solving problems, have more than average math skills, and be good communicators as well. For folks who feel pleasure working with various responsibilities, a project management profession can be a terrific match.

Here are some more reasons to go for pmi certification

  1. The project management field is high in demand. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has reported that there would be 22 millions new project management job openings through 2027.
  2. Project managers are required in almost all kinds of industries. Although it’s very common in the IT field the project related work is very handy in the businesses, oil and gas; finance and insurance; manufacturing, construction and utility industries around the globe.
  3. Project managers are awarded with good salaries. The national average entry-level project manager salary is USD 59,680.
  4. Studying allows potential project managers to benefit from the diverse competencies needed to perform the multitude of responsibilities required to get a good job.
  5. There are various opportunities available for advancement in your career. Highly skilled, certified, and specialized project managers can achieve double the entry-level salary or even more.

So, gear up to be a certified PMI PMP! Start your prep today with the uCertify PMP course.

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