Hotels and Hospitality College in Pune

UEI Global Hotel Management College in Pune is a world famous institution of learning which aims at developing the skills of hotel management. This institution was started in 2007 under the aegis of Berggruen Charitable Trust and academic supervision of Hotelschool, The Hague. Since then, the hotel management college has gone through a series of ups and downs. However, the positive aspects have overshadowed the negative ones and the college is now considered to be the best management institute in India.

The basic course that one can undertake at the hotel management college in Pune is Hotel and Restaurant Management. This will help the students understand that how a hotel or a restaurant is managed and also helps them learn the basic function of accounting, finance and human resource. The students will also get a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures taken by the hotels in order to keep their establishments hygienic and safe for the customers. They will be taught about food management and the other aspects of running hotels.

The students who wish to take up a career in this field can opt for a variety of subjects. They may include hotel and restaurant bill administration, hotel and restaurant accounting, introduction to statistics, training of supervisory staff, promotion and management of personnel, guest relations etc. There are various combinations for these subjects. In addition, they may also choose to take up courses like hospitality marketing and advertising, sales and marketing etc. All the subjects are taught by individual supervisors and the students therefore learn on their own initiative and individually. This is why the students at the hotel management college in Pune gain a strong command over the subject matter.

The teaching system at the hotel management college in Pune is totally different from the conventional teaching systems. The teaching system includes a video-conferencing, one-to-one lectures, seminars etc. Some of the regular classes include Hotel Therapy, Hotel Administration and Hotel Finance and Hotel Marketing and Sales. Every month there is a seminar which is arranged jointly with the hotel management departments of different multinational companies as well as with the government organizations.

These seminars expose the students to a variety of topics. They also expose the students to the latest concepts and tools. The students get the chance to utilize their skills and talents in areas that they are not aware of. The seminars also make the students familiar with the buzzwords and terms used in the corporate world.

The hotel management course is offered by leading business schools and has generally good competition from the other similar courses. It is considered to be of great value and is regarded as the foundation or base of the management courses that are offered in various branches of hotels. The hotel administration course helps the students to handle the administrative aspects of hotels efficiently. Most of the students who have successfully completed the hotel management course are appointed by big hotels and management consulting firms.

Those who are interested in Hotel Management College in Pune can also go for the Diploma in Hospitality Management course. This course also offers an internship facility. The major subjects that are covered in this course are Hospitality Management theories, hospitality marketing strategies and practices, public policy and finance and accounting basics. The students who wish to become a Hotel Manager also can join the hospitality management diploma program offered by UEI Global located at Shivaji Nagar in Pune.It is one of the leading institutes for hospitality management education and training. The college conducts special courses such as Hospitality Management, International Hotel Management, Restaurant Management and Branding, amongst many others. The main advantage of the course is that it provides a thorough insight into the operational management of hotels and resorts. The course also gives the students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field. Some of the other subjects covered include Hospitality Concepts, International Hotel and Restaurant Management, International Hotel and Restaurant Pricing, Hotel Software and Systems, Hotel Marketing and Branding, Consumer and Retail Analysis and Development, Finance and Accounting.

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