Web Design and SEO: How to Optimize Your Website Design for Top Rankings

What is SEO web design, exactly?

Web Design and SEO is creating websites that follow SEO best practices, including a mobile-friendly visitor experience, fast load times, and descriptive URLs. By mastering the art of onsite optimization, entrepreneurs make it easier for Google to understand and rank their website in search results, which can help with getting better rankings and more traffic.

Web Design and SEO

If you want to rank on the first page of search results, then web design and SEO will be important to you. Both of these are critical for businesses that want to do well on the internet. Web design and SEO are both about designing and developing websites that follow best practices so they’re more search engine-friendly.

We know you want to rank higher in search engines- after all, it’s how a lot of people find your business. That’s why we created this guide on how to design your own website for SEO and web design.

Why is SEO web design important?

Web design and SEO often get grouped together because they provide two important parts of a website. They have separate jobs, but for the most part, they overlap. Web designers focus on visual aspects and formatting, while SEOs focus on how to promote content to search engines, which in turn affects the way your site is found.

Web Design and SEO

However, you have to remember that SEO and web design don’t work independently of each other.

By partnering with a web designer, your business can reap tremendous rewards. However, before hiring someone to design or redesign your website, you need to know why website design and SEO are so powerful for your site and what that means for potential visitors.

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Search Engine Optimization is an important part of web design because:

  • Web design can erase or damage your SEO: Setting up redirects properly is critical, especially if a site migrates to a new domain. Make sure your 301 redirect points to an equivalent page and search engines will update their records.
  • SEO can influence your web design: Consider the “SEO” aspects of web design like speed optimization and site architecture when choosing a website appearance. This can make or break your ranking for keywords without much effort.

Skipping SEO during website design will usually cost your business time, money, and rankings. But by incorporating SEO into the website design process, you can build a good foundation for your SEO strategy from the ground up.

8 factors to optimize for web design and SEO

Web Design and SEO

Now that you have learned about the link between web design and SEO, let’s take a look at the specific aspects of your site that are affected by both and how you can optimize them for better SEO.


It is entirely up to your designer whether or not they include SEO when designing your site. However, here are some basic design elements that will help your business rank higher in search engines:

#1. Code

Designers have a few options when it comes to the code they use to render major design elements of a site. Most designers choose HTML and CSS, and for good reasons.

Flash sites may look cool, but they are difficult to optimize, which makes them less likely to rank well in search engines. It’s been said that designers should stay away from Flash, as it will be bad for SEO.

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#2. Mobile-friendliness

A significant number of Internet users browse sites on mobile devices, and your site needs to be optimized for all of them. This will both create a better user experience and help your site rank well. As of late, Google has been using mobile-friendly sites as a ranking factor.

The easiest way to tackle this issue is to use a layout that can view on all web browsers. By working in a responsive design, you’ll eliminate the need for separate mobile sites and prevent duplicate content from occurring.

#3. Readability

Taking a lot of time to design fonts for your website is worthless if you don’t know about web font accessibility and accessibility features like the contrast.

Designers should also leave plenty of room for their copy to avoid having it bumped into other content on the page, as well as not hurting legibility. Consider using left/right alignment or blank space in addition to padding if needed. For high-ranking content, you’ll need lots of informative, high-quality content and a design that will still look good with the addition of more text.


When thinking about how to optimize your site, one of the elements many would say is a copy. With that in mind, your designers should also remember that their images can have a big impact on user experience.

#4. File names

Make sure your file names are descriptive and logical. All your images should have clear source information, including the camera make and model, time, and location. This will help search engines to better understand what you’ve uploaded.

#5. File size

Designers should try to keep file sizes small, even if the images are high-quality. Large image files can slow down page load times and provide a bad user experience.

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#6. Alt tags

Optimized alt tags are just as important for your images as file names. They allow search engines to better understand what the image contains and provide more information and context to users.

Alt labels likewise help outwardly disabled clients (and clients whose programs don’t uphold your documents) comprehend what is being shown, which is significant for openness reasons.

Site architecture

How much impact your creator has over your site design will differ contingent upon how included you (or your SEO) are all the while, yet it assumes an enormous part in your site’s capacity to rank. This is what to remember:

#7. Navigation

The route is one of the main parts of an incredible client experience, and hence, you ought to keep it straightforward. The simpler it is for your site guests to find what they need, the almost certain they’ll be to change over.

A simple to-utilize route likewise brings down the possibility that your guests will get confound and leave your site, which can bring down your bob rate and work on your rankings.

#8. URL structure

Every one of your pages ought to have a clear URL that portrays the substance on the page. Words ought to be separated by dashes (NOT highlights), and you can incorporate a couple of pertinent catchphrases.

URLs with illustrative words (rather than irregular numbers and letters) will assist with looking through motors to grasp your pages, and they will likewise be more straightforward for your site guests to recall.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about site design and SEO

Find solutions to normal inquiries concerning website architecture and SEO in this FAQ!

How are website composition and SEO related?

Web Design and SEO

At last, the objective of both website composition and SEO is to furnish clients with an incredible encounter. So while creators center more around the tasteful parts of a site and SEOs center more around the perspectives that assist it with positioning great in web crawlers, the ideal outcome is the very: A website that gives guests what they need and assists your business with succeeding.

To give your guests the data they need to become clients, your site should be both practical and outwardly engaging — two characteristics that a decent originator ought to have the option to accomplish. It additionally should be simple for expected clients to find, which is the obligation of an SEO.

Is web architecture or SEO more significant?

Many site proprietors believe that an extraordinary plan can offset awful SEO, or the other way around, and need to realize which is more significant. Notwithstanding, the response is not one or the other. To lay it out, areas of strength for plainly attract clients to your site, and an incredible plan keeps them there.

Having a wonderful site is futile if nobody sees it, and having a site that positions at the highest point of web search tools won’t help you if your unfortunate plan makes guests leave (which, thusly, will hurt your rankings).

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