SexPally Signs your relationship may not last long

The following points are not pulled by the hair, but rather represent survey results that show the reasons for which couples often split up. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there is only one applicable point that puts your relationship to the grave. 

However, accumulating signs should be taken seriously if you still have feelings and want to save your relationship.

You have grown apart

The big question now is: would you choose your: n partner: in again today? If you can answer yes to this question, then the chances are good that your relationship needs to be revived.

The differences are too big

Do opposites attract and that was all pretty sexy in the beginning? But with the onset of everyday life, you now have to face the truth. 

A long-term relationship requires compatibility in some corners, as beautiful and lovable as the edges were in the beginning. You can read more about similarities in a relationship here.

One always loves more

Wendler is certainly he has a genius of our time, but in his article “One loves more and more” may be right. 

At least sometimes. Of course, this imbalance will be noticed and the house blessing will hang badly crooked until someone just can’t take it anymore.

Messed up communication

No relationship advisor can do without the word communication. So we can’t avoid telling you that open and honest communication is everything in a well-functioning relationship.

Neither keeping silent and devouring problems nor shouting at and devaluing each other promotes love and respect for one another. 

If you don’t feel understood and prefer to discuss important issues with your best friends, this can be a sign that the relationship is nearing.

 Temptations on every corner

It won’t surprise you, but potential competition or even affairs with your partner put an immense strain on your relationship and can lead from the crisis to the relationship faster than you can say red-handed.

Lack of passion

We don’t mean doldrums in the bedroom caused by sexual aversion. We’re talking about feeling uncomfortable when your partner only suggests sexual activity. 

Those who no longer like to be touched by their partner should seriously think about how much the relationship is still worth.

Future? Nothing

A relationship thrives on the fact that you set goals for your future together and work towards them.

If you don’t forge any plans or even those that leave your partner out of the picture, you should go inside again.

The crises live high

In times of peace, joy, and pancakes, you can endure a lot of people. But the true quality of a relationship is only revealed in times of crisis.

 Those who give each other understanding and support even in dark times have a good chance of having a happy and long-term relationship. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

Lack of quality time

Anyone who lives side by side on the weekends and doesn’t make plans together can quickly reach their limits in terms of relationships. 

Because every good relationship builds in activities in which both partners take time for each other and only pay attention to each other.

Too little me-time

As nice as the time we enjoy together is, every relationship also needs its freedom.

 Because restricting the partner is not exactly infrequently mentioned among the most common reasons for separation. 

It is therefore important that everyone can pursue their hobbies without having to involve their partner

Especially those who live together should ensure that the: r partner: is given sufficient freedom

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