MilesWeb Review Affordable and Reliable Dedicated Server Host

Launching a business-focused website is a difficult job, as you must consider budget, search engine optimization, security, and other issues while creating your online presence.

 A dedicated server is an obvious choice for a rock-solid website foundation that can sustain high traffic rates and allows you to install your software—if you can afford one.

Unlike a shared server, which serves numerous websites, a dedicated server only serves one. The benefits of investing in a dedicated server include website stability and reliability: your site takes advantage of the server’s entire CPU, RAM, and storage capabilities since it is not shared with other sites.

If you host your website on a shared server, you risk having your pages impacted by a nearby site that consumes too much server resources. If that site has a significant increase in traffic, for example, your pages may load slowly or not at all. Investing in a dedicated server considerably minimizes the risk of this happening, and it also provides system administrators with more control over the programs and scripts that may be installed on the server. Because anything you do on a shared server might influence the other sites on the server, shared hosting is far more limited in terms of what you can do. Your scripts and programs won’t interfere with a shared server when you have it all to yourself.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

A dedicated server is a server type set aside for a specific task, such as hosting a resource-intensive website or application. 

Aside from a dedicated server, a server is a machine that is dedicated to your website or application on the web.

Cloud hosting is the typical type of hosting for certain web hosting companies, or perhaps the least examined option. When your company chooses a public cloud provider, your website and application may reside on one or more PCs and utilize cloud computing.

When it comes to dedicated servers, the hosting company sets aside one machine/server to handle the responsibilities that the application or website demands.

Dedicated server hosting is a web hosting type that dedicates an entire server to a single corporate client. The customer gets complete control over the system, allowing them to customize it to meet their specific needs, such as security and performance. The hosting provider is responsible for providing the server, the environment, technical support, and other related services.

A dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, and managed dedicated hosting service are all synonymous with dedicated server hosting.

MilesWeb is one of the oldest web hosting companies around, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of date. Their dedicated hosting includes a built-in management panel, web servers, and good server monitoring to make your devoted servers simple to use. MilesWeb also offers unlimited website hosting.

The following are some of the most essential advantages of dedicated hosting:

Flexibility refers to the ability to add hardware and software in response to the needs of the website. You may modify dedicated server hosting when you pick it. In dedicated hosting, the customer may customize RAM, storage space, CPU, software, and other features to their liking.

You receive the maximum degree of protection because you are the only user of the dedicated server. With dedicated server hosting, no other website can have an impact on yours. You can also choose to install security software based on the importance of website data.

  • Best Performance and Uptime: 

Dedicated hosting services are recognized for providing great performance since they give appropriate resources to host your website. In terms of dependability and stability, these servers exceed shared and VPS servers.

  • No Server Resource Sharing: 

With dedicated server hosting, you control the entire server and are not sharing resources with anybody else. Your website will not become slow or sluggish as a result of websites.

MilesWeb is the best-dedicated server host.

Since 2012, MilesWeb, a web hosting company established in India, has provided the best and most trustworthy web hosting services. Shared, reseller, VPS, cloud, WordPress, and dedicated hosting are among the company’s 70+ web hosting choices.

The organization now serves over 39,032 clients throughout the world.

The most important feature is that all dedicated hosting plans from MilesWeb come with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.

MilesWeb offers several dedicated hosting solutions to satisfy the needs of high-traffic websites.

Intel CPU, Memory, Storage, Bandwidth, and Dedicated IP are among the dedicated hosting choices offered by MilesWeb.

An Intel E5-2609 2.4GHz (4 Cores) CPU, 8GB of memory, 1TB of SAS storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IP are included in the base package.

The monthly cost of the base plan is Rs. 6,999. MilesWeb offers the most dependable resources at an inexpensive price when compared to other web hosts on the market.

2 x E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz (40 Cores + HT) Intel CPUs, 256GB of memory, 4×1.2TB SAS storage, 5TB of bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IP are included in the high-end package. The most costly monthly option is Rs. 46,999.

The Advantages of MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting:

You can choose your favorite control panel based on the needs of your high-profile clientele. Direct Admin, cPanel WHM, and Plesk are some of MilesWeb’s control panels. For Linux-based websites, you may use Direct Admin or cPanel, and for Windows-based apps, you can use the Plesk control panel.

The main benefit of using MilesWeb is that it offers a bare metal server. Single-tenant bare metal servers provide optimum isolation, security, performance, and reliability. These servers are more suited to businesses that operate and deliver services. Dedicated hosting solutions are ideal for businesses that require high-performance computing.

To conclude, if your website is slow and you’re looking for a solution, we looked at how and why dedicated server hosting from MilesWeb is the best choice. Because of all the advantages it provides, dedicated hosting from MilesWeb is the finest option for your high-traffic website.