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The full form of SAT is a Scholastic assessment test conducted by College Board all over India. The exam is mandatory to get admission to foreign universities. The SAT exam is conducted five times a year in March, May, August, October, November, and October. College board is a private non-profit organization in the US that administers SAT exams in all the countries. There are no eligibility criteria to appear for the SAT exam. Test seekers can be at least 16 years to appear for the exam. There is no maximum age limit to give the SAT exam. Anyone who wants to pursue undergraduate courses from countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada is eligible to give the SAT exam.

The SAT score which ranges from 800-1600 is a composite score of cross-sections and subscores. The cross-section score ranges from 400-800 whereas subscores are calculated from 10-20. The cross-section is reading and writing and mathematics. The score of both these sections is combined to find out the total SAT score.

SAT measures your reading, writing, and mathematics skills. It is a very tough and costly exam. If you are very sure that you can clear this exam, then only you should go for it. In India, the fee of anSAT exam without an optional essay is $101 and with an optional essay is $117.

SAT question paper has two major parts- evidence-based reading and writing and mathematics. 


  • Also called a qualitative section. 
  • the total number of questions- 58 multiple choice questions with a calculator and without a calculator.
  • The time required- 40 minutes
  • Syllabus- algebra, data analysis, problem-solving, reasoning, advanced maths
  • Total score- 400-800


  • Total number of questions- 52 multiple choice-based questions
  • The time required- 65 minutes
  • Syllabus- long passages on American or international fiction
  • Total score- 400-800


  • Total number of questions- 44 multiple choice questions
  • The time required- 35 minutes
  • Syllabus- vocabulary, passages, multiple-meaning words
  • Total score- 400-800

Essay (optional)- 

 There comes a long passage of 600-700 words which has to be analyzed and then written into an essay. The score of the optional essay has no value in the overall SAT score.


There are several SAT coaching in Indore and other places that help students in their SAT preparation. The most important thing is to choose the SAT coaching which suits you. It depends on your needs and wants which SAT coaching is preferable for you. 

A good SAT coaching near your place helps you to crack the SAT exam with a good SAT score. Many toppers have taken SAT coaching from the very beginning which helped them to top the exam by marking a history. Before taking admission into any SAT coaching in Indore, you should go through the reviews of students. You should take guidance from your known ones who have opted for the SAT exam about good SAT coaching.

A good SAT coaching is one that has professional and experienced teachers. The teachers are willing to change their teaching methods according to you. Make sure that the crowd of the coaching is good. They provide updated study material and check out their credibility.


  1. Choose your type of SAT coaching– there are two types of SAT coaching available- SAT online classes and SAT offline classes. Online SAT coaching is good as it saves time and money. If you like to study in physical mode then you should take offline SAT coaching.
  2. Begin your SAT preparation early: do not wait for the last months to prepare for the SAT exam. It is very difficult to score well in the SAT exam. You should start preparing for it as early as possible with the help of online SAT coaching or offline SAT coaching, whichever you prefer.
  3. Make proper notes: keep a record of everything you study. Make notes of important topics. The notes should be small and precise so that you can study them on the last day also.
  4. Make a study timetable: make a time table for all the subjects and chapters. Don’t postpone things for tomorrow. Don’t pile up your work as it will be difficult for you to complete your entire syllabus for the exam. 
  5. Keep assessing your performance: you should always check your SAT preparation through mock tests. Do not skip any mock test of your coaching. Mock tests increase your speed for the exam. They bring consistency and regularity to your preparation.
  6. Overcome your weak areas: SAT exam checks your knowledge of every subject. If you are weak in any subject it will impact your overall SAT score. You should make your weak subjects your strength. Do not skip any topic if you are not able to catch it. Take the help of teachers in learning every concept easily.

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