Rugs Maintenance – Common Mistakes By Users

Traditional, Persian or hand-rolled rugs are all precious and charming. They are masterpieces that will turn your home into an exotic place. Owners of such carpets very often make mistakes when it comes to care. Unconscious consumers have several misconceptions on their mind, for example a vacuum cleaner can spoil the beauty of the carpet and shorten its life. That’s why you have left your precious rugs untouched for years. Others, emphasize by finding or tearing off the ends, essentially cutting or tying them. To make matters worse, customers show up with floors that have been repaired with a quick fix, or are trying to save money, or claim a Loloi Rugs service doesn’t have the skills to fix it. adequate recovery. These are just a few of the most notorious mistakes that carpet repair owners and professionals have constantly managed.

The reality is that cleaning the carpet with a mixer brush can shorten the life of a carefully assembled handmade rug. However, this applies to all types of carpets, Persian, modern or handmade or machine made. Any wear or prolonged contact such as walking, bumping and vacuuming will damage the carpet material, especially wool. Dust and dirt are the most common enemies of hand-wrinkled carpets and floors. Fine particles such as sand can penetrate the floor covering, and the development of erosion on the carpet will gradually be wrapped with weft (ordinary cotton thread, from which the flat and vertical threads on which the grapes are tied) and if marked, the carpet is damaged. Wool is a wonderful material for hand-woven rugs that absorbs moisture.

Here are some tips to help you take good care of your carpet

Make sure you vacuum the carpet regularly by setting the vacuum level to the correct level. From time to time a special brush is used on both sides of the carpet to remove dirt from the threads. If you are a carpet that is more than 3 to 5 years old or depends on traffic, it is best if it is cleaned by a professional carpet Chandra Rugs.

If you don’t like the edges on your rug, don’t make the mistake of trimming it. Take your carpet to a carpet repair specialist and return it properly. If the edges of your carpet are worn, you should take them to a carpet repair professional. Otherwise, ignoring the issue will make matters worse and cost a fortune on carpet repairs. If you are using traditional or Persian carpets to maintain their beauty and durability, it is always better to hire a professional carpet cleaning and repair service. If someone offers a health substitute, make sure they are not accepting man-made or machine-made products. Clean your carpet from time to time or make sure it’s ready as soon as possible if it needs repair.