Architecture Trends That You Will Love

In architecture, as well as in fashion, new trends appear every season. Modern technologies develop extremely rapidly, they do also affect architectural and urban planning. 

The seasons in the construction industry do not change twice a year, but much less often. Let us have a  look on architectural fashion and see what architecture trends will dominate in architecture and design during the next years. 

Simple is Enough

Simple shapes and forms combined with light colors and natural materials – what can be better? Simplicity in interior design is a really growing trend. Simple shapes and materials can say more than stucco and pediments. 

This style initially originated from Northern Europe. A dynamic life in our time dictates its own rules. The noise of cities, pollution, an abundance of cars are very tiring. Residents of megalopolises seek to escape from all this and create cozy and comfortable conditions in their apartments. An apartment decorated in a Swedish style can become a paradise. It harmoniously combines functionality with a minimum of furniture and fresh, bright details. A specific feature of the Swedish interior is the predominance of light colors, which visually increase the area of ​​the home and give it an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

The inventor of this interior style was the Stockholm artist Karl Larson. In the late 1880s, Larson designed his small, modest house in an unusual white color for that time, and diluted this whiteness with several bright details. For over 130 years, the style invented by Larson has not lost its relevance and has been used far outside Sweden.


Yes, the modern world is obsessed with sustainable development and natural preservation. In fact it should be. So sustainability is among architecture trends already for a while and will also stay there.

The architectural design in sustainable homes has a primary goal of using available resources while maximizing energy savings. Thus, passive houses not only save their owners, but also contribute to improving the health and quality of life of those who inhabit them. 

Caring for the environment and a commitment to its care are social aspects that are reflected in the architectural trends in 2020. The use of less pollutants and energy efficient buildings is increasingly becoming a challenge for individuals and public administrations in building construction.


Despite trying to be trendy each and every architect must respect the local architectural traditions in home design just because they do reflect the climate and cumulative knowledge of people living in the particular area for centuries. 

For example an architectural company located in Cyprus strives not only to create cozy surroundings and a luxurious atmosphere in luxury villas design projects. But to use materials and elements that are common for Cyprus. 

More Light – Less Noise 

Noise is the pollutant we are exposed to inside and outside our homes. This is why more and more architectural designs are being made with this annoyance in mind, using distributions and materials that minimize noise inside buildings.

At the same time, architectural technologies are being developed so that buildings use the natural light they receive from the sun. And at the same time, there are trends that integrate artificial lighting as much as possible, either with tricks stolen between furniture or in the form of indirect warm light.

Smart Homes – Architecture Trends

There has been an increase in the use of automation tools for both refurbished and new buildings. Automated systems that control light, temperature and safety in the home will be increasingly in demand. Smart home provides its users with more comfort and lower consumption bills. 

The development and increasing implementation of smart home technologies and artificial intelligence in everyday life reflects a social and ecological consciousness aimed at caring for the environment and based on smart consumption.

Outdoor Spaces

The design and furnishings of balconies, open and glazed terraces and patios are regaining greatness. Outdoor space design is becoming as important as indoor design. Proper air conditioning and sun protection will allow you to use and enjoy this space all year round.

The outdoor space next to the house will become a stylish and functional place to relax. In the design and arrangement of the recreation area, specialized climatic materials with a long service life, comfortable, functional and stylish elements will be used.

When designing the architecture of the outdoor recreation area, more and more often, architects prefer a truly open space without walls. At the same time, they provide for the possibility of a comfortable stay on the street throughout the day.

The architecture trends listed above will like to dominate and influence architecture not only in 2021 but also in the following decade.

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