LunaPic: Why Is This Retro Photo Editor a Thing?

The internet has become more sophisticated over the last decade or so. And “good taste” in graphic design has never been more accessible. Not everyone wants things to look perfect or to use professional photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. The love for homemade graphics from the early days of the Internet is undeniable. Who can resist the cheesy photo effects and silly maximalist compositions?

Being anachronistic can be good sometimes. LunaPic is an online image editor that allows users to upload, edit, and share pictures. It is popular because it is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise kitschy world. Make GIF animations with special effects and image manipulation. Use the text tool to add words for a finishing touch. It’s all about creating images that are funny, strange, or folksy and sharing them on social media platforms like Facebook and Tumblr.


The app has a devoted following, with its audience skewing towards older people who didn’t grow up with the internet. For those who don’t share the same sophisticated Tumblr tastes as millennials, it’s just a fun pastime. The younger generation is also drawn to the platform for its ease of use and approachable look.

Its “anti-aesthetic” quality makes it seem approachable and friendly to kids. There’s the sheer messiness of what you can do with this app. The type of kid who refuses to color inside the lines will have a field day. And it’s excellent training wheels for using a more “grown-up” photo editor later on.

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LunaPic Photo Editor

LunaPic’s online photo editor is quick and easy to use. There’s no need to install anything, as it’s web-based. Any browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari will work just fine. The home page has a large “Upload” button. Use this to upload your image. You can upload a wide range of file types, BMP to. AVI. Once you’ve uploaded your image, you can get to work.

There’s a Google Chrome Extension that can help streamline the process of editing images. With the extension installed, you can right-click on any image and select “Edit image with LunaPic” from the menu. This will automatically upload the image and bring you to the editing page, saving you a step. You can insert text.

There are many fonts available. Colors can be altered and text rotated. Don’t forget to add some art effects! There are tons of different options available, from pen and sketch filters to Picasso and watercolor effects. In addition to “Dream,” there is also the “Shape and Color” filter, which simulates how some people may or may not see shapes and colors while unconscious.

This is truly wild stuff! You can create GIFs from AVI files as well. Just be sure to trim and compress the video. LunaPic can’t handle large video files. Resizing pictures is easy to do with this command. You can then export the images as. PNG, JPG, or. G IF.

LunaPic Features

Transparent Background Tool

LunaPic You just need to click on the background or color you want to remove; the selected part will then change into transparency. From there, you can replace it with something else.

LunaPic Background

When you have a transparent background, you can add an image to your clipboard and use the Paint Bucket tool to fill it in. The Paint Bucket tool can also be used to add color or pattern to an image. The Scissors tool can be used to cut out an image and place it on a different background.


LunaPic Magic Wand

The Magic Wand tool in Photoshop can quickly detect different shapes based on tone and color. This makes it easy to cut, copy or modify figures without having to spend a lot of time on them.

LunaPic Crop

There’s an easy-to-use crop tool. Just select the area you want to crop, and then hit “Crop Image.” You can choose from four shapes: rectangle, square, oval, or circle. A pixel counter can be used to determine the width and height of the selected area.

Lunapic Alternatives


Canva is the polar opposite of the Lunapic. It’s an online SaaS tool for creating a clean, contemporary design quickly and affordably. It aids in the unification of your brand’s aesthetic across all media. Canva provides an easy-to-use interface and a large library of templates and pictures.

This makes creating websites, logos, calendars, and media kits a breeze. Or, for that matter, presentation decks, social media postings, and business cards—whatever the situation requires.


InVision is a software platform for creating digital products. It’s made to take care of the full product design process. It’s also utilized for website prototypes via online collaboration. It also does some photo editing. You’ll need to use an external editor to touch up your photos.

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You can use them in screens, wireframes, mockups, and hotspots once they’ve been imported into InVision. Also, add some effects. The software satisfies the growing demand for simple, user-friendly design software. Companies are being forced to upgrade their methods of operation. Additionally, they should provide their personnel with more user-friendly tools.

Pixlr X

Pixlr, like LunaPic, is an online photo editing tool. They have a similar target market. When Pixlr’s desktop version was withdrawn in 2017, LunaPic saw an increase in users. Pixlr now offers two apps. Pixlr X is one of them, and it’s aimed at beginners and casual users (the LunaPic crowd).

Pixlr E is designed for intermediate and advanced users, as well as “professionals.” For figuring out figures and backdrops, the software use AI and machine learning. This allows for more precise separation of visual elements.

Remove flaws and alter backgrounds without having to do any grunt work. Pixlr X also dabbles in the field of graphic design. It includes a large collection of stickers, overlays, and borders. This allows you to quickly create multiple visuals.



Google created Snapseed, a photo editor app. The learning curve is really low. Cropping, rotating, and retouching photographs are all options. Darken and lighten the scene. Change the saturation and contrast. Carry out all of the standard photo editing tasks.

You can also choose from 29 different filters to use. Control Point technology allows you to concentrate on altering certain regions. Select up to 8 spots on an image, then enhance each one individually. This allows you to have a great deal of fine control over image editing without adding to the complexity.

Is LunaPic safe?

LunaPic’s out-of-time aesthetic may make you wonder if it’s secure. Its shopworn appearance can be worrisome, like an old house at the end of the street. No problem, you can take it easy. LunaPic has a 4.5-star rating on World of Trust, so it’s safe. No one has reported any adware or spyware. 

If you use an ad blocker, you’ll see that the app website doesn’t have any ad trackers. That’s great news as well! You don’t have to download any software to use the platform, so you don’t have to worry about the risks associated with transferring files to your device. The “LunaPic Right Click Edit” Chrome Extension also doesn’t have any reported privacy issues.

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Graphic design is an exciting and growing field. There are many great apps and tools available for creating beautiful minimalist designs. With so much amazing design work out there, it’s only natural to want to create something that looks homemade. LunaPic is popular because it is different from contemporary trends. It is like a modern-day Blingee.

For those who were not around during the MySpace era, Blingee was a popular site in the mid-2000s. LunaPic and GIMP are both great photo editors that have been around for many years. Both have unique features that appeal to different people. People sometimes want sparkles and sunsets.

They want giant, diagonally rotated captions in Comic Sans font. They want messy image collages with red, green, and blue color blocking. It’s easy for those with good taste to find all this super fun. And yes, it is. But there is a deep human need for kitsch and chaos that goes well beyond surface irony.


The reason we send wacky stickers on Facebook Messenger is that memes exist and have a strong influence on political culture. We don’t always need everything to be super tidy. A little bit of chaos can be good for us now and then. A little bit of LunaPic can add some fun and excitement to our lives.

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