Ideas for Web Design That Can Increase Site Conversions

As we all know, a website is an online platform that is the way to know a company. The looks and usability both are equally important to attract more customers than other competing companies present in the market. You must Need a website designing company to create the perfect website according to your business type.

Here are ideas for web design that can increase site conversions-

Use color wisely

You have to choose an attractive colour to highlight the main information on the website. For example, the call of action can be coloured in such a way that it catches attention first and you serve the purpose of your website to people and site conversions increase as well. But don’t make the rest of the less important content colourful as well. Then the customer will get confused. Make sure you maintain contrast between the background theme and coloured font. Designers must use colour psychology to subconsciously drag customers via colours.

The utilisation of Negative Space

Negative space means the white left out portions in between letters, lines, paragraphs, images and also the top, bottom and side margins and paddings. This negative space has a crucial role in increasing conversion. LP reading the web page, a customer can have a break from registering the previous point and take a visual breath to distinguish two separate topics.

Maintain simplicity

To take the eyes of the customer it just needs a few seconds. Within this time you have to show the best content along with the best design to the customer. Some websites unnecessarily clutter pop-ups, widgets and graphics leading the customer to leave the website. But properly placed menus, pop-ups and sidebars can make them stay. Another thing is the single-column layout and grid which makes people remember things and other layouts are available below after scrolling.

A/B Testing

Manually done tests may not be accurate but A/B Testing is more accurate. So you can ask a bunch of customers of yours via email or any other platform. Ask for their honest review about the website you have made. Better you approach non-tech professionals who don’t know technicalities and can give honest feedback on your website. This can increase conversions.

Input high-quality Graphics

It is very important to keep inputting high-quality Graphics images to the web page, every week. You can also hire a professional photographer. Then you can skip the thumbnail. In the image description, you can add SEO. Remember the thing that customers will always come to a compact website but leave if the page is haphazard like unnecessary images and all. 

Following the rule of third

As you know the rule of third is certainly popular in photography. Where the image is divided into three parts both horizontally and vertically. Thus we get four strategic places of interest at the intercepting points. These points are the most important and draw attention the most. Place the photographs in between the lower middle horizontal lines and increase conversions of the web page.

The utilization of the F layout rule

It is proven that we scroll and scan the mobile screen in F format which is, first we throw a glance at the top left corner and then while moving down we scan left to right. Following this F layout rule, you can put the call to action button at the left top corner where we look first, the current blogs are placed a little below the call to action on the left-hand side and sponsored ads and cookie policy are placed in the right-hand side and right-bottom at the web page.

Needs patience for customer

Surfing the internet is a boring as well as impatient job. People surf on the internet throughout the day and you earn from how much they surf on your website. So don’t be impatient and give customers space and timing. Remember that a mere 1-second delay in loading the page can decrease the conversion by 7%. So be patient as a customer is surfing on your website. If it takes too much loading time, update and fix the problem otherwise Google may identify it as an unfavourable one.

Do not experiment with menus

Firstly remember you are designing a website for the users and not showing off other designers. So you do not need to complicate the menu so that the usability of the website decreases. Also, keep the menus on a lengthy page at a noticeable position so that the tools can be easily used. Give the menu an attractive colour so that it catches focus. You can colour the background a contrasting colour to highlight the menus. It will be better to add navigation to the menu option. Do not make the menu list too long. Make sure it gets fitted in small pages also. Because users can have anything, like – computer, laptop, tab as well as the mobile phone also. This way you can increase conversions of the website.

Make responsive designs

Responsive design is a strategy where web designers design the same application for different devices. For example, from both laptop or computer and mobile or tab, accessibility of a site remains the same. It saves money from creating the same website twice for PC and mobile. Also, the number of mobile website users is higher than computer website users in most parts of the world. This is another way to increase conversions of a site.

Speed plays the important role

The most important factor is the website’s speed. Without speed other factors are insignificant. More than 47% of websites have 2-3 seconds of loading time. Which websites take more than the above mentioned time, it loses customers and they get shifted to another website. You can check the loading speed of your website at Pingdom and modify the site according to the requirements to increase conversions of the site.

Final Thought

Applying these few discussed ways in designing to create a website, can be very useful to increase conversions. If you need website designing company, you must take help from them. Because once you lose visitors from your website, it is hard to regain them. So a website designing company must be hired.

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