How to Remove Scratches from the Car Easily and Quickly

Surely you have ever suffered when you have seen a scratch, no matter how small, on the body of your vehicle. You should know that the sheet metal of the cars is more delicate than it seems and is damaged too easily. However, there are some quick tricks to remove scratches from the car, although it is true that depending on the depth and extent of the damage, the result will be more or less effective and you can buy used cars online in United Kingdom from Auto for Trade.

Different ways to remove a scratch from your car:

repair kits, specific products, and even some homemade tricks. However, to choose the most appropriate method for your case, it is important that you assess the depth of the scratch, its extent and the time that has passed since it occurred.

  • Depth: Normally, car paint has several successive layers, so it is important that you value the depth of the scratch on your vehicle. The outermost layer is transparent and usually provides only shine, followed by the color layer, then the base, and finally the metal or steel sheet. You must figure out how far the scratch damage goes to determine the type of work that needs to be repaired.
  • Extension: A small scratch of a few centimeters is not the same as one that occupies the entire side of the door. As you might imagine, a small scratch is much easier and more convenient to repair, plus you can probably do it yourself, without the need to go to a specialized workshop. However, scratches that cover large areas are very difficult to treat to produce a good result in terms of color and gloss. In these cases, it is best that you go to a professional.
  • Time: Time is a very important factor when it comes to removing a scratch from the car, since the sooner you act, the better the result will be. If the scratch is very recent it is much easier to clean, assess and repair, while if you let time pass, the scratch will rust and become dirty.

After evaluating these three characteristics, you will be able to resort to the most appropriate way to repair the scratch on your car. Keep in mind that the fastest and most comfortable ways will be found in the workshops, dealerships and after – sales services of vehicle manufacturers. However, a home repair can also be helpful in cases of shallow scratches or micro scratches. 

How to remove small scratches from your car’s sheet metal in 5 easy steps:

  1. Clean and dry the car very well. Next, perform a damage assessment.
  2. Using a touch-up brush and paint identical to the one on your vehicle, patiently paint the scratch cleanly and carefully.
  3. Let the paint dry, taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Sand the scratch with intensity and constantly moistening the area. Finish this step by polishing the area very well.
  5. Finally, restore the shine of the repaired area by applying the most suitable wax for your car.

Remember that these homemade tricks are not valid if the scratches are deep and extensive.

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