5 Tips for Designing Custom Medallions

Medallions are a symbol of honor and when you plan on rewarding one, you’ll do well if you customize it. Custom medals are great physical reminders of an event and the receivers will cherish those for years to come. The best part of customizing a medallion is that you can have whatever you want. You can get the exact shape, size, and design that you think will act as the perfect reward for the accomplisher.

However, designing these medallions can sometimes be complicated. A really unusual design doesn’t necessarily make the medal stand out. Traditional designs, on the other hand, can be uninteresting.

A really good medal design will make the award match the tedious efforts of the athlete and make him feel proud of the accomplishment. If you look for custom medallions online, you’ll probably be flooded with choices. Selecting one from them is again a fairly difficult task. So, here, we have come up with some tips to design custom medallions that will make your design the perfect fit for your event.

Enhance the Circles or Ovals

Using circles or ovals as the base shape is all good. But if you want your medallion to stand out, you need to jazz things up a little. Depending on the event, you can use some trademarks or symbols that extend outside the circle and give the medallion a more dynamic look and feel. For instance, if it’s a sporting event like baseball, you can have the baseball bats extended outside the circle or oval to give the medal a unique look.

Pick the Enamel Color Wisely

The vast majority of the medals do not have an enamel color. The electrolytic metal finish is the color by itself. However, sometimes the enamel color plays an important role in the design. Also, medallions are typically done in three finishes which can be gold, silver, and brass for example.

While choosing an enamel color, you need to keep in mind that dark colors usually get lost, and thus, you’ll do well if you choose a bright color that goes well with all the three finishes.

Text Should be Raised or Recessed Metal

Texts should be given priority in a medallion but they should be short. Too much text will make the medal look clumsy. The text can be either raised or recessed metal. There’s no definite formula about which one works better, so it’s always better to consult with an experienced manufacturer.

Also, uppercase letters are more legible than lowercase ones. So, keep that in mind while designing your medallion. Use a contrasting color for your letters, so that they are easily readable and adds to the design of the medallion.

Add Some of the Text to the Ribbons

If your event requires that you use a lot of text, you’ll do well if you add some of those on the ribbon rather than the medal itself. As mentioned, too much text on the medal can be clumsy and make it look dull. So, if you have a lot of text to add like date or minor details like the city, consider adding it to the ribbons.

Consider Antique Electroplating

For a lot of customers, a regular gold, silver, or brass plating is too bright. Sometimes, the text too becomes illegible due to the lack of contrast. In such cases, you can choose antiquing your medals. It’s an extra step in electroplating that adds some contrast to the metal and the look and feel enhance considerably.

Antiquing comes at a bit of extra cost, but people often like it better. However, it really depends on the design whether antiquing will be needed or not. Generally, a design with a lot of exposed metal will be more attractive with antiquing.

Custom medallions are a great way to reward the accomplishments of the achiever. They not only stand apart themselves in terms of design or shape but also make the receiver feel that their efforts have been rightly rewarded. So, follow the tips mentioned here and design a medal that will not only be great as a reward but also give your event a remarkable name for years to come.

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