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My favorite list of article writing services changes from time to time. I’ve just updated it to reflect some recent changes, as well as a case study on a massive content source. Are you looking to make over $80,000 a month without selling anything? If so, then you need to check out my 6 figure blog formula course.

It’s FREE when you sign up below. I am in the business of content publishing. I have several content-based websites which I monetize with display ads. Me order a lot of content for these sites, and while I typically publish decent stuff, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of my content without spending too much money.

I often get asked by readers what the best content provider is. Me usually suggest the service I’m using at the time. How could I not? Unfortunately, I’ve twice suggested services that couldn’t handle the influx of traffic when dozens or hundreds of readers signed up all at once.

I don’t want that to happen again. So, I decided to take a different approach to find the best content provider. I set up and paid for the following case study, where you can be the judge. After all, whether the tent is good or not is subjective to some degree, especially when the cost is a factor.

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How I set up the case study

I compared as many content providers as I could find. You’ll see below the list is long. I compared apples to apples. Here were the case study parameters: I ordered act same article topic with the same instructions from all of the following 30+ content providers.

I invested a total of $2,200 on articles from 27 services. I requested a 1,000-word article count for each order, and prices per word varied by content service. Most prices were within a similar range. I eliminated the Fat Stacks effect by choosing pricing options in the $.05 to $.06 per word range ($50 to $60 per 1,000 words). In most cases, this was the second-highest cost option.

For a few services, I ordered from two price points.  It has been said that because I publish Fat Stacks and/or because I order a lot of content, I get better treatment when I order. It’s possible. I wanted to remove this from the study.  Me did not order the content myself. I hired someone to place the orders using his email so that there would be no mention of Fat Stacks. In other words, all orders were placed anonymously.

The Case Study Article Topic & Instructions

I had the same topic and instructions for each service I ordered from. The topic was: What is Handshake Alternatives? The word count was 1,000 words.

Article Writing Services

The Results

The person who was responsible for acquiring all the content and dealing with all the services made some brief notes about each service. I have included his notes below for each service. Please note that some of the links to the services are affiliate links. I have not listed them giving the affiliate links preference.

Where are the delivered articles?

If you would like to read and compare all of the articles delivered by each service, you can do so by taking my bundle of courses. You can read my favorite delivered article here. I found it to be written by PassionPosts.

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My TOP 3 Content Services/Article Writing Services (plus my favorite resource for hiring freelance writers directly)

  1. WriterAccess
  2. I have ordered more than 1,000 articles from Writer Access. They are not the cheapest (nor the most expensive). They get content out quickly and it is good; very good (assuming you pay for higher-level content). I usually pay $.04 to $.10 per word.Textbroker is a great platform for finding content writers on any topic. Their customer support is excellent – I had a problem recently where Textbroker authors refused to write a very important, lengthy article. I submitted it 3 times, but the authors who picked it up either held on to it or let the deadline lapse. I wasted two weeks trying to write an article myself, then I submitted it to WriterAccess with the same instructions and it was done in five days. The article came out much better than I could have done.
  3. GET $50 OF FREE CONTENT WriterAccess Review
  4. Passion Posts
  5. I wasted two weeks trying to write an article myself, then I submitted it to WriterAccess with the same instructions and it was done in five days. The article came out much better than I could have done. The article they returned to me was very different from what I had originally asked for, so I knew something was wrong immediately. However, after speaking with the founder, I found out that he is a great guy and was able to accommodate my workflow. He also offered me reduced per word rates for bulk orders, so I ended up ordering over 300,000 words of content from them. Although the quality is exceptional, the turnaround time can be quite long. So please be patient when ordering from them. Use coupon code BWMZ0ZXDWK at checkout to save 10% on your order.
  6. Visit Passion Posts My Passion Posts Review
  7. Content Development Pros
  8. I started a new content development project with Content Development Pros recently (Sept. 2021). They gave me the best low-cost per word quote for a huge content experiment. The content is of decent quality at very low rates and they can produce a lot of content quickly once they’re up and running. If you’re interested in a custom quote, be sure to reach out to them and let them know what you need. You can also save 15% on your order by clicking the button below.
Article Writing Services
  1. Save 15% on Content
  2. Problogger Job Board – Great Source for Hiring Writers Directly
  3. I started hiring in-house writers in 2019, which means I hired them directly without using a writing agency or service. So far, I’ve hired 5 writers, most of whom I found through the Problogger Job Board. Out of all the freelance writing hiring platforms, Problogger Jobs is the best option. Every time I posted an ad, I received over 60 applications – many of which were excellent. The only downside to this entire process was having to decide who to hire because there were so many great applicants! If you have the budget to hire a writer directly, this can be a great content option.
  4. Visit ProBlogger Job Board

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solidified my appreciation for WriterAccess. Even though the WA article wasn’t my favorite, it was still in the top 3 (the $.06 per word version). Secondly, I discovered a new content service that generated an amazing article for a very reasonable price.

This was a great find and I’m going to use this service again in the future.  PassionPosts is a great service for quality articles. The 1,000-word article cost is $55, and the turnaround time could be longer for large orders, but it is worth it for the quality of writing.

I use Textbroker for simple content and have found that, for the low cost of $27, the quality of the articles is quite good. The platform offers plenty of great features, and while I do spend quite a bit back for revision when articles are good, they’re quite good (for the money).

Best Article Writing Services for specific types of content:

I’ve read and tried every type of article available. For various forms of content, I use the following services:

  • For general information and listicle material, the best content service is: WriterAccess
  • For product reviews and roundups, the best article service or method is Writers on staff. I have them place orders and write reviews about things. It’s a time-consuming and costly process.
  • For how-tos and tutorials, the best content source is: Either put it out for a WriterAccess casting call or give it to someone on my WriterAccess love list.
  • WriterAccess writer(s) I found via casting call and in-house are is best article services for recipes (I hired a bartender to write some excellent bar-related content).

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A. Content Sources I’ve Used (a long list)

The following is a list of writing agencies I have used over the years. I am not currently using all of them. If you want to know which ones I am using currently, please check the section above.

The following is a list of writing agencies I have used over the years. I am not currently using all of them. If you want to know which ones I am using currently, please check the section above.  After that, I selected content sources that I had only used in the case study. The final section included a combination of alternative content sources that I had used in the past and ones that could still be viable options.

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