Which programming language is best to start a career?

Nowadays, information technology is one of the fastest-growing fields. Every public and private sector companies are moving towards the digitalization of their data so that they can access it remotely. Along with this, it has been seen as a rise in the number of people opting for information technology as a career perspective.

There are approximately 600 programming languages available in the market and the demand for these languages fluctuates every now and then. Also, the newly introduced programming languages are also in high demand because of their attractive features.

Out of these 600 programming languages, it becomes hard to choose the language you should learn!

Learning is the first investment that you made towards your career thus, it becomes more important to choose the right programming language with which you can kick start your preparation. If you are already from information technology and familiar with several programming languages that you can move ahead and choose the latest language used by the top companies. Below I have mentioned some of the latest programming languages with which you can move ahead in your career:






These are the top programming languages in demand with which you can boost your career in the field of information technology.

But if you are new or not from an IT background but want to join this field and start pursuing programming as your career then I would suggest you start learning a well-established programming language because those languages are high in demand from the job perspective. Also, they consist of a large set of libraries and frameworks to work with. Below I have mentioned some of the programming languages with you can start your career in this growing field:

1) JavaScript- It is one of the broadly using programming languages all around the world. It is compatible with internet browsers, mobile applications, internet servers, and many more. The trend of JavaScript is very stable in the market. The main use of this language is in web development, game development, mobile application development, and more.

2) Python- It is one of the most demanding programming languages. It is trendy and quite easy to learn how to write a program in this language. We have seen outstanding growth in this language and no sign of a reduction in the growth. The main use of this language is in web development, data science, artificial intelligence, and many more.

3)Java– It has made programming platform-independent. It is very popular among web developers because it allows us to create the object once and use it multiple times. The main use of these languages is in web development, mobile application development, and big data.

So, you can choose your programming languages bases on your area of expertise. There are some certification exams that validate your knowledge about the programming languages such as the CIW 1D0-735 exam validates your JavaScript programming language knowledge, the 1Z0-815 Java Certification exam validates your Java programming language knowledge, CCSP Certification, and many more.

There are various platforms such as uCertify where you can get courses to prepare for these certification exams.

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