Track Kids and Employee Phone Without them Knowing

There are hundreds of spy apps in the market. Few of them are the preferable ones, such as mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Spyzie. But the one thing that makes them useful for limited users is that they have limited features. As there is always a leader, so in the spy world, TheOneSpy is the leading surveillance app. 

TheOneSpy is the advanced spy app having a dynamic and a vast range of features. It facilitates all kinds of users, either someone needs to track GPS location, or someone wants to get a history of social media accounts of targeted people. Its quality services have made a sound position in the market. 

In this article, we will put a deep eye on TheOneSpy cell phone tracker traits. So, you can get a clear picture of TOS and its convenient working.

TheOneSpy “A Smart Cell Phone Tracker App”

TOS is a high-tech surveillance app that is gradually introducing incredible features. As the TOS better knows how to value their customers’ money. It has been serving a large community for many years. Because of its reliable services, people from all corners of the world prefer this app. 

TOS users rely on the app blindly and enjoy it with peace of mind. Its full user-friendly interface allows the users to set the alarms on specific activities performed by the targeted person. 

How can you track kids and employees without knowing them?

TheOneSpy mainly provides monitoring solutions for parents and employers. The relationship between parents & children and employers & employees are very precious ones. So, TOS designed the app in such a unique way that targeted people cannot even get a single clue about spying. 

Parents can fearlessly monitor their kids’ secret activities. Such as kids usually hide their secrets from parents, or kids get to indulge in useless activities with friends. So, with this digital solution, parents can watch their kids all actions and grow them peacefully. 

Likewise, the TOS bundle of outstanding features keeps the employers update about all activities performed by employees on their devices. As a result, the employer can enhance individual employee performance, which leads to an increase in the strength of the business.

Advance Features of TOS Cell Phone Tracker

Each feature of TOs performs multiple advanced functions. Users can get the information from the live screen, recorded videos and history as well. TheOneSpy transfers every information to users’ online cloud account with the exact time and date. Get the compatible app for your targeted device and enjoy the features listed below. 

  • Social Media App Monitoring Feature
  • Live 360 Surrounding Recorder
  • Multimedia tracker (include Pictures, videos and audio files)
  • Message/SMS Tracker
  • Calls Tracker
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Live GPS Location Tracker
  • Live Screen Viewer
  • Screen recorder
  • Browsing History Tracker
  • Password Chaser

Beside these crazy features, TOS also serves best services. It offers 24/7 experts support service. In case any user faces any issue in using any of the features, he/she can consult the TOS support team to get help. 

TheOneSpy Spying App Works Process Step-by-Step

  • If you are first time using any android monitoring app, then we make it easy for you by guiding step by step.
  • In the first step, visit the TOS site and discuss the details of your need with a support person.
  • Then you can easily identify which will be perfect for your targeted device. Order for apps subscription.
  • After payment process completion, you will receive the email regarding accounts and policies & procedures. 
  • By following the given instruction, you can download and install the app within 5 minutes. 
  • Now, you have to activate your user’s account. TOS will automatically transfer all current data of targeted devices to the user’s online account.
  • After that, you can start live tracking by activating your desired feature.


By getting such rich information about this incredible cell phone tracker app, you can maintain your kids’ interest in studies. Or if you are an employer, then you can evaluate your individual employee performance for your business goodwill. This brilliant app’s amazing features will enable you to thwart the stalkers tricks to harm your people.

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