Touring Eastern Canada in the Fall

Eastern Canada may be best known for its intense winters: but autumn is the most beautiful year for this area.  From the trees changing colors to the air getting crisp and refreshing, you won’t ever want to leave if you spend the fall in eastern Canada.

These are the best things to consider doing during this cooler season and why it’s a must-stop in the autumn!  

The Best Views

Every inch of eastern Canada is breathtaking, but Prince Edward Island takes the cake.  This area is usually a summer destination, but many who visit later in the season are amazed to find how much beauty is here in the fall.  

The warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Northern Straight’s climate combine into one of the longest fall foliage times in North America.  This means the leaves that are turning brilliant hues of orange and red stay that way for much longer. 

Luckily for vacationers, that gives you the chance to explore and visit before winter sets in and the snow comes.

Fun Activities

There’s a lot to do in this area, especially if you’ve never visited in the autumn before!  Consider going to the Gros Morne National Park of Canada and enjoying everything from trekking and walking to rock climbing and dozens of other activities.  The sky stretches out above you in gorgeous bright blue even in the fall, and the weather is cool enough that you can enjoy this tour for days on end without getting tired of it.

Awesome Food

Why not enjoy going apple picking while on a working farm and orchards? Also, taking a visit to Ontario will make you fall in love and search for Halton real estate immediately: it’s so easy to fall in love with.  

Many favorites that are grown here are seasonal to enjoy everything from freshly roasted artichokes to amazing blueberries and, of course: freshly made apple cider.  

Great Festivals

While you’re in Ontario, consider checking out the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest!  This saves you from having to fly to Germany since it’s the second largest Oktoberfest in the world!  With over a million visitors every year, you’ll feel absorbed into the fun and excitement of the festival and feel ready to cut loose and enjoy yourself.  This is one of the best festivals in the country!

How To Keep Active

When the air starts to chill, and the weather isn’t as balmy as summer: it’s common for people to put off exercising or spending time outside.  Unfortunately, this can ruin our workout plans, the goals we set for ourselves, and anything that matters to us.

If you want to keep active, you can do it in any season.

Consider hiking through the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec!  These gorgeous mountains turn bright shades of red and orange in the fall and will stun you as you make your way through the forest trails.  There are plenty of fantastic sports you can still enjoy here in the fall: and you won’t freeze from going for a jog.

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