Top 5 Fintech Mobile Apps of 2021

Mobile applications powered with technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, and more have become an integral part of every sector, including the finance world. These apps have made it easier for businesses to target mass audiences and consumers to access financial services at the tap of their mobile phone screens. 

Finance apps, especially fintech apps have created a buzz in the industry by making digital transactions easier than before. These days, fintech mobile applications are being used for different purposes, including money lending, crowdfunding, personal finance, P2P lending, and money transfers. Considering the growing demand for mobile applications, developing the one for your startup is definitely a great idea. 

However, before you begin with the finance app development, let’s check out some of the popular fintech mobile applications to know about the apps that are brought a revolution in the finance industry. These apps will also give you an idea of the features that should be there in an app to make it successful among the audiences. 


MoneyLion is available on iOS and Android platforms; the app gives its users easy access to loans. It also offers financial recommendations on managing personal finances in the right way. In short, MoneyLion simplifies finance management and money-lending. Using the app, users can access their investment accounts, zero-fee checking account, and get cash back rewards. Moreover, the app also facilitates e-banking services across more than 55000 fee-free ATMs. 


Coinbase is a famous cryptocurrency wallet that deals with the cryptocurrency exchange. Those with little or no idea of the cryptocurrency can use the app to get detailed information about how online currency exchange works. It is also a perfect platform for cryptocurrency investors who want to create or manage their crypt portfolio. 

Using Coinbase, users can sell, purchase, and store cryptocurrency with complete security and privacy. Users who are interested in crypto investment can know about bitcoin mining, bitcoin games, blockchain, bitcoin cash games, bitcoin trading, and other online currency-related processes. Users can access this app on the Android and iOS platforms. 


Available for the Android and iOS platform, Robinhood makes users invest in cryptocurrency, stock, share market, and more. The app also allows its users to choose the option of no-commission trading. Moreover, users can also get real-time market data and information about cryptos. Robinhood was established by Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev in Palo Alto, California, in 2014. 


Earnin is a popular fintech app that allows users to get paid (up to $500) for the hours they worked without waiting for the payday. Moreover, users can also earn huge cashback on their purchases and find out exciting saving opportunities on the medical bills. Health aid, cash out, cashback rewards, and balance sheet are the four key features of the app that helps users to manage their finance system even if they haven’t received their paychecks. Earnin can be accessed from both the iOS and Android platforms. 


This popular finance app is available for the iOS and Android platforms. Using Mint, users can keep track of their finances and manage money in the most efficient manner. It also provides users with the way to save money and control their spending. Users can enter details about their investments, bills, and cards to get the best ways to manage their money while saving significantly on the time and effort.  

How much does it cost to build a fintech application?

To build a fintech application like the one mentioned above might cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t choose the right finance app development company. Therefore, it is advised you to do thorough market research before handing over your fintech app development project to any company or dedicated developers. Also, it is advised to write down your specific app requirements in advance to ensure the company understands what you expect from your app.

Coming to calculating the cost of fintech app development- doing this would need to get the answers to the following questions:

  • Which platform (Android or iOS) you want to build your app on?
  • What tech stack is required to develop the fintech app?
  • What the size and geo-location of the mobile app development company?
  • How will be the UI/UX design of your app?
  • Do you want post-release maintenance and support?
  • How much experience the company or dedicated developers have?

Roughly, you might have to pay somewhere around USD 20,000 to USD 50,000 for fintech app development. The price may vary depending on your particular app requirements. 

Bottom Line 

Curious to know in detail about the famous fintech applications? This article is for you! Here, we have provided complete information about Mint, MoneyLion, Coinbase, and other top applications. If you want to develop such an application, then it is advised to contact a reliable and experienced fintech app development company with your particular app requirements. You can also hire dedicated developers for your project. In both cases, don’t forget to check the portfolio or previous project to have an idea of their work.