Top 5 e-learning mobile apps for students to get good grades

Over the years, studying now requires clever sources rather than digging books for hours. Therefore, it’s better to make use of the best student apps for e-learning. It’s a hundred times better than getting lost for words and daydreaming on bundles of task notes. We have pooled in the best top five student studying apps to get good grades for their final exams.

These mobile apps not only help students get better results but also better their time management skills. If you wish to create your e-learning app, you can hire the best mobile app development company Dubai-based clients endorse.

Besides that, smartphone apps add convenience to students’ lives, assisting them in learning new learning skills. The following are the top ten e-learning apps you should download right now!

1. RefME – free download for Android/iOS/Web, Free

This inventive app uses your smartphone’s camera to scan the barcodes of books. It helps create citations in proper formats using APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Besides, RefME has decent formatting options that schools across the globe use. RefMe is the world’s best and most widely used multipurpose platform tool for creating citations and formatting reference lists. It also offers over 7,500 source format styles for biographies. The RefMe app allows users to create citations by scanning their books and journals. They can also sync them on RefMe’s website.

2. StudyBlue – Free download for Android/iOS

StudyBlue is an excellent tool for group studies. It allows students to upload their notes and other study materials. These are then converted into electronic flashcards that you can share with others. Study Blue also helps to create practice game quizzes. Also, you can set up daily reminders for study hours and share cards with schoolmates.

StudyBlue’s website also offers you to create separate “class” categories for students. However, the platform’s interface requires assistance for younger users due to its overlapping pages layout design. Unquestionably, the app’s overall design represents the hard work of a reputable mobile app development company.

3. Evernote – Free download for Android/iOS/Web

Now you can quickly note down a critical point given by your teacher using Evernote on your phone. It offers different formats for writing down your note or memo during an important class. It allows you to pick up a web clip for products and services, reviews, references, and even takes a photo of a business invoice.

Furthermore, EverNote comes with many multiple features that help you in the notes-taking process. The app maintains numerous content types based on different formats. It also has an inbuilt OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature and offers to tag and sorting out your database. best part is that it is cross-platform software that automatically syncs across all your devices.

4. Dragon Dictation – Free download for iOS

This application allows you to speak and type directly into your MS Word documents. Besides, the speech-to-text typewriter also works for web pages, Microsoft Outlook, and other relevant platforms. You can use a simple microphone to speak out your words on the files instead of requiring to waste your time typing.

The Dragon Dictation is a powerful software to help compose your emails and documents. It has an insightful section of grammar rules, a library of vocabulary, and a range of various linguistic commands. All in all, it’s a tremendous speech-to-text tool that has high accuracy scores.

5. Oxford Dictionary – Free download for Android/iOS

The Oxford Dictionary, whether in its original book form or the form of an app, is the bestseller among other phrasebooks. UAE Dubai  authorities and academic institutes widely acknowledge it as one of the best dictionaries in the world. You can practice your vocabulary, work on your pronunciation, and look at the Word of the Day on your phone daily.

Moreover, you can also play quiz games to improve and extend your English language skills. You can also access thousands of words even when you don’t have an internet connection. The Oxford Dictionary app is available for free for both Android Application and Apple devices.

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