Pelvic correction that can correct the balance of female hormones

I succeeded in making the buttocks that I had been worried about for many years smaller. First of all, I also went on a diet to get rid of my chubby body shape, but I decided to go on a pelvic correction specialized in beauty, which I had been worried about for a long time, because only the buttocks and hips did not become thin. When it comes to pelvic correction, I had the impression that it was painful, but in reality it was like stretching the body and slowly returning the pelvis to the correct position. It doesn’t hurt or itchy. In my case, I had two births and my pelvis had opened. It seems that if left untreated, it may lead to urine leakage. It is more expensive than normal pelvic correction, but there are many female practitioners, and the interior of the store is like an esthetic salon, so it was easy to enter. Best of all, the waistline is slender and you can wear a trendy pencil skirt.

Pelvic correction that can correct the balance of female hormones

I have had severe menstrual cramps since high school, but recently I have been looking at various information magazines and have come to think that the cause is pelvic distortion. At first, I tried to avoid cold drinks even in the summer, try not to wear light clothes, and pay attention to my diet to improve the cold. There was some effect, but there was no major change. The pelvic correction teacher who jumped in there pointed out that he was greatly distorted, probably because he had a bad posture for many years. I feel relieved at the same time as I think it is. Especially for women, the distortion of the pelvis puts a strain on the uterus and ovaries, and if it is severe, the secretion of female hormones deteriorates, causing rough skin. On the other hand, returning the pelvis to the correct position improves the flow of waste products and has a skin-beautifying effect, so if you have any physical problems, I would like you to take it.

Pelvic correction that can be done at home with children

Since the manipulative doctor was an advisor to the hospital where I gave birth, I became accustomed to going to the pelvis regularly after giving birth. When the pelvis is in the correct position, the posture is naturally corrected and it feels good as a crisp feeling. However, when the children started to move around, it was difficult to make that time. Therefore, the chiropractor told me that stretching exercise at home has the same effect as pelvic correction to some extent. All of them are simple exercises and movements, but it is difficult to continue even for 5 minutes. Let’s do our best until it’s a week. For example, you can just stretch your back and move your toes opposite your dominant foot with a gossiper before eating. It seems that this can be done. However, when I try the actual inspection, it is surprisingly difficult and I think it will be a little heartbreaking. I continue to have fun by doing it with my children.

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