MilesWeb Review – Ideal Performing cPanel Shared Hosting

If you are getting started with a new website, my recommendation goes to MilesWeb web hosting services.

First of all, there are several hosting services. As a newbie, shared hosting is an ideal deal. It will provide you with the experience you are expecting. Shared hosting will help you establish a good, engaging website on the internet. 

Beginners start with shared hosting as it is affordable and is accessible to all users. Moreover, the new website’s requirements are not that much. It can run smoothly on shared hosting and, the resources provided are sufficient. 

You must be knowing that web hosting services are essential for websites as it helps visitors browse the content. Similarly, choosing the right Linux cPanel web hosting and provider is also crucial. That is what will help you grow. If you directly go for big hosting, you might waste available resources. Plus, it will cost you more. It is better to opt for shared hosting and switch when required. 

Shared hosting is the most common hosting service. It helps new and small business websites grow better. Further, It gives such websites a push to become better. Once your website grows, you can go for VPS or dedicated as required.

There are also a few services under shared hosting. You will get it as you read further. 

What is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting services are services that store users’ website data on the webserver. These services include shared hosting, which offers a shared space to users.

When you go for shared hosting, you share the space with many other users. That is also why it is inexpensive. It saves you money and fits your budget. 

Initially, you may not have high capital. Plus, website requirements are also to be considered so, shared hosting works very well. In that case, MilesWeb offers frequent discounts to first-time users. You can renew at the same price you purchased and also provide better quality services than other providers. 

Shared hosting works well for websites. Like the new site, portfolio websites, small enterprise, medium-sized business and blog sites. You will receive all the needed resources to create a digital presence and attract traffic. If you’re a blogger, then you can even consider WordPress hosting as a startup.

There are several shared hosting types, including cPanel shared hosting. As our detailed review is focused on cPanel shared hosting, we will look deep into the concept.

What is cPanel Shared Hosting?

cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI). It is used as a control panel. It helps in simplifying website and server management. With the help of cPanel, you can publish websites, manage main and sub-domains, create email accounts, organize web files, and more. 

cPanel is something that can be used with varied hosting, including shared hosting. When you opt for cPanel shared hosting, you share the account with many other users. That also reduces the cost payable and meets the requirement of your new to the small-sized website. 

MilesWeb’s cPanel Shared Hosting Service

The task doesn’t stop at creating websites. Until you host them, they won’t be visible. Plus, quality matters. Considering all such factors, MilesWeb is the perfect selection.

Personally saying, they have served us with quality over a period of time. With so many such companies, it was tough to find the best provider. At the time, MilesWeb seemed to be authentic and reliable. We had a good feeling about the company so gave it a start. Today we realize we did choose the best one. 

MilesWeb offers three cPanel shared hosting plans. They are as follow – Intern, Master and Expert. 

Intern cPanel shared hosting plan is like an entry-level plan. If you have a personal website/blog, you can opt for this one. It will cost you Rs. 90/m after the 60% off.

Similarly, the Master plan is for those who have small-medium business websites. Such websites may require more storage space, and it costs Rs. 260/m after the discount. 

In case you want to host multiple such websites, an Expert plan would be perfect. It will cost you 340/m after the discount.

However, for any plan you select, you need to purchase it for at least 3years to get the discount. Otherwise, you can buy them at their regular monthly charges.

If you look from my opinion, three years is a fewer investment. It will benefit you and help you grow as well.

MilesWeb also offers great features alongside. You will never regret purchasing from them as they are committed to providing quality hosting services. 

Here are some features for you to enjoy –

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Website builder tool
  • 1-click installer
  • 24/7 support
  • 30days money-back guarantee
  • Control Panel
  • High uptime of 99.95%
  • WordPress optimized hosting
  • Free domain (Master and Expert)

There are more benefits users receive. As you opt for a plan, you will understand. Plus, upgrading is easy with MilesWeb. You can upgrade to a higher plan or switch to better hosting whenever required.


For smaller websites, shared hosting is a good deal. It costs less and offers as much as required. In that, cPanel hosting helps in managing databases, files and domains with ease. Further, if you go for MilesWeb web hosting services, you can get hosting at an affordable cost.

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