Know Differences Between Massage And Physiotherapy Edmonton

There is a big confusion people have is that they don’t understand the difference between massage and physiotherapy. They think it to be one kind because both of these are helpful in pain relief but their focus is diversified.

What Is Physiotherapy Edmonton?

Physiotherapy Edmonton is a set of various therapies that are conducted in the presence of experts in various clinics and other medical facilities. The clinics can be either funded by the public or the government.

Therapies Included In Physiotherapy Treatments

Many people think that physiotherapy is a single treatment that you get when admitted to pain clinic Edmonton. But they have to correct their concept and know that the following treatments are a part of physiotherapy.

  1. Shockwave Therapy
  2. Spinal Decompression
  3. Acupuncture or Dry Needles
  4. Whiplash Treatments
  5. Various Exercise
  6. Vestibular Treatments

Pain Main Reason For Having Therapy

The main reason for patients to consult the physiotherapist is to relieve the various intensities of pain. These kinds of pains usually occur when the patient has undergone a surgical procedure or has been in a recent accident.

Other Reasons For Physiotherapy

But other than pain relief the treatments at physiotherapy clinics Edmonton; the therapies are utilized for other reasons which include;

  1. Rehabilitation after surgery.
  2. Remobilization of the body parts.
  3. Prevention of injuries.

Understanding Massage Therapy

In easy words, massage therapy is also different techniques than physiotherapy west Edmonton as they are done by hands to relax the soft tissues. It is a simple manipulation of the muscles, connective tissues, joints, ligaments, and especially tendons.

Various Massage Therapy Techniques

The techniques of massage are a lot different from the ones at physiotherapy clinics like Regenerate Physio. The massage therapies include the following;

  1. Swedish Massage
  2. Hot stone massage
  3. Deep tissue massage
  4. Trigger point massage

Why Massage Therapy Is Done?

The main reasons for having massage therapy are to relieve the client of mental and physical stress as well as headaches, providing relaxation to relieve anxiety and stress from the clients.

Different Services Physiotherapist And Massager Provide

At times you are not aware whether the reason for your pain is physical or due to stress and you get confused about hiring a massage therapist or expert physio. But the below-mentioned differences will surely tell which professional to hire.

Period Of Providing The Services

The physiotherapists will only be in your service until the problem of the patient goes away. But the massage therapists will remain with you your whole life. This is because the pain will go away after continuous therapy but stress and anxiety or relaxing the muscles are a long-life commitment.

Both Have Different Kinds Of Education

Many people still think that the education of experts at physio Edmonton and massage therapists are the same. But a massage therapist has to acquire a simple diploma to start his/ her career. But the physiotherapist has to spend 4 years studying special physiotherapy techniques.

Diagnostic Techniques are Different

For hiring a massage therapist you don’t need a proper diagnosis or any other technique to know that you are stressed and want relief. But when facing pain and post-surgery recovery then physiotherapy is essential.

The Place Where They Are Conducted

The most important difference that is very apparent is the place where both of the therapies are conducted. The massage therapist will either do the massage at a massage therapy facility or home. But Physiotherapy Edmonton can only be done at clinics and other medical facilities.

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