Jobs You Can Get With CCIE Security Certification

If you are a network expert or looking for a job, you know the importance of CCIE Security certifications and the benefits in the same field. CCIE network security experts get great packages and this brings a lot of knowledge to the industry. Therefore, in this article, we have selected some popular career options that can be served by an individual as a CCIE Security certification holder.  All the same, CCIE Security is the highest network security certification issued by Cisco Systems, which recognizes security professionals who can design, build, shape, deploy, and organize network security solutions. For every secure network, some CCIE Security profiles are the highest paid in the IT sector. CCIE certification requires precise knowledge, industry, and patience.

Jobs Opportunities with CCIE Security Certification

CCIE Security certification is among the highest paying Cisco certifications. Here are the jobs you can get with CCIE.

Network Security Engineer

Network – security – engineers are responsible for finding security solutions for existing or local networks and ensuring network integrity. Though, their average salary is around 230, 550 dollars per year with an estimated experience of 1-6 years.

Network Specialist

A senior network professional manages the security infrastructure solution using a Cisco firewall. They take care of problem-solving and online distribution to consumers. However, they earn 33,851 dollars annually with 0-3 years’ experience.

Infrastructure Consulting Practitioner

They are responsible for the design, construction, and management of their organization’s IT facilities, along with any security measures that can improve workplace and employee performance, increase work efficiency, and keep the infrastructure secure. With the experience of 4-12 years, they earn 85,489 dollars yearly.

Firewall Engineer

Firewall engineers are responsible to work on the Cisco/Checkpoint firewall line and manage an extensive security network and data center infrastructure. On the other hand, the average salary is nearly 721,456 dollars per year with an estimated 6-11 years of experience.

Network security expert

A network security expert prevents network threat planning by providing continuous engineering support to the firewall. Maintain up-to-date security measures and identify network threats. Though, an expert with 2-7 years of experience earns 121,197 dollars per year.

CCIE Security Coordinator

The CCIE Security coordinator influences the development of training materials and curricula to train students for CCIE certification. In this profile, the trainer can browse the training places of students or professionals. However, the average salary is around 201,306 dollars per year with an estimated 3 years of experience.

Discover the Benefits of CCIE Security Certification

Strong Demand

Demand for Cisco CCIE Security professionals is growing as the information technology landscape continues to grow. However, in the US, even after there are so many network engineers around us, we are not meeting the demand and the need for CCIE Security professionals is obvious. In this area, CCIE or other networking professionals are presented in a rather entertaining salary package compared to other technical fields.

Top Paid IT Certification

Once you get certified for a particular vendor, you will join a company with a unique team of certified professionals and you will have many new job opportunities for certification. However, Cisco is a certified expert that is in constant demand because the IT department needs more CCIE to accelerate its economy and growth. This is why many IT companies welcome CCIE Security experts with demanding salaries.

Growth Potential

There are many opportunities for growth to obtain the Cisco CCIE Security certification. The possibilities are endless. You have more potential for growth because the IT industry needs more CCIE. Furthermore, the scope of CCIE Security permits will not be reduced at any time with the arrival of new companies, and the expansion of the organization to different points. One who has a CCIE certificate; is confirmed that they will receive a large amount of salary immediately after certification.

Scope of CCIE Security Certificate

The capabilities of CCIE Security are expanding and intensifying – thanks to increasing technology. As IT organizations grow, they also fear that the insecurity of corporate networks will increase. The CCIE Security certificate qualifies applicants to maintain company security. To manage the security of the organization, the organization employs experts with CCIE Security certification. Emphasizing that the CCIE is the highest level of certification in Cisco systems, CCIE certified professionals have proven to be the best networks. CCIE feel at the forefront of the web industry with their detailed web technical knowledge and work on most technical projects.

It is considered the strictest certificate, guarantees the reputation of the nominee, a good salary, and other benefits. The most important advantage of the CCIE exam is the certification knowledge base. The purpose of this certificate is to increase the knowledge of the applicant. Over the years, the outstanding reputation of CCIE engineers has left them with the idea that they are high-tech and have a good understanding of web technology and concepts.

Certainly, candidates will need a final system that can manage their networks. Therefore, many jobs are available online, especially for CCIE applicants. The chances increase significantly if the candidate obtains a CCIE certificate. Job opportunities are uncountable, and a candidate gets more opportunities to grow because the Internet industry requires CCIE candidates. If the applicant has more than five years of work experience in this field, the salary packages would be excellent.

Final Thoughts

CCIE Security identifies security professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise to install, design, plan, address and maintain all technologies and solutions. This certificate has a constant value in the domain of IT. As soon as you achieved this certification, a person can earn from 60 percent to 200 percent when comparing with their recent salary. These professionals always get bigger packages than other experts. The Internet industry as a whole is innovating year after year. Because of this relationship with innovation, the web industry requires more certified engineers to manage its networks. As most Internet traffic today passes through Cisco’s embedded network channels, knowing how to work with your vendor’s solutions is becoming increasingly important and appealing to potential employers.