Innovative Ways To Incorporate Fresh Flowers Into Your Wedding

A wedding is a time when not only two hearts become one. But two families also become one. Coming from a different lifestyle,  tradition, and sometimes religion but apart from this, they become one. We can’t forget those people, who make the wedding memorable. And those people are our guests, who come all the way just to bless the couple. But in all these things, you can’t ignore one thing, actually a very important thing, who adds life to wedding preparation and decoration. Definitely, so many of you get confused. Don’t put lots of stress on your brain, I am talking about the fresh flowers. Who makes the wedding beautiful. Now, so many of you will ask how. So, today, I will give you ideas on how you can do this. And if your wedding or your loved ones, the wedding is coming soon. Then it is going to be very helpful for you. Because you are going to get lots of new ideas.  And yes, all these ideas will make the wedding so gorgeous. These ideas will add colors to your wedding. So let’s start sharing ideas with you all, about how you guys can use fresh flowers at your wedding. 

Phoolon ki chaadar 

I am sure you have seen, so many times, in fact, this is a ritual. I am talking about that ritual when the bride comes under the chundari for “Jaimala”. So you can change the chundari into phoolon ki chaadar. You can tell your florist to make it. In fact, you can order online flowers delivery, and you can make yourself also. It will look so adorable, and the bride will love this gesture so much. In fact, you should definitely do this. 

Flower in hair 

You must have seen women wearing ” gajra”. It looks so pretty and we all know how aromatic fresh flowers are. In fact, gajra for other ladies, and especially red roses for bride hair bun. It looks truly beautiful, and the glow of the bride’s face automatically increases. 

Flowery cake 

As wedding cakes now become a tradition at every wedding. In fact, without a wedding cake, none of the weddings can happily complete. So when you order for the online Birthday Flowers delivery. I mean, wedding cake delivery, you can tell your baker to decorate it with fresh flowers. In fact, mostly wedding cakes decor has flower designs, and flowers used. So you can do this, and it will make your wedding memorable and sweeter too. 

Floral tiara 

After all, every girl is a princess so tiara is very important. In one of my sister’s weddings, we all wore the tiara in her Haldi function. It will make the bride feel very special, just like a princess. In fact, the bridesmaids also wear a tiara. But the bride’s tiara should be very special and different from bridesmaids. We ordered online from an e-commerce site who does flower delivery in Pune, they sell the tiara also. You can also try this type of site. 

Flower bouquet

We all know this is one of the best ways to congratulate the couple for their wedding. In fact, flower bouquets are highly used for the decor also. It looks beautiful in decoration. Also, you can give a flower bouquet as a return gift with a thank you note to the guests. This will make the guests feel so good. 


Without a mandap wedding can’t be possible. So you can make a floral mandap for the wedding. It will be interesting and it will make the wedding spectacular. Because it will look like a fairy tale, so who will not like it. It will make the wedding not only grand but also it will fill lots of positive and happy vibes at the wedding.

Floral buttonhole 

The floral buttonhole gives a dashing look to the groom and groomsmen. It will add freshness while doing all the wedding rituals. It will not make you feel dull or tired, also it’s fragrance will make your mood super refreshing. I mean, to the groom and groomsmen. The floral buttonhole looks stylish also. So, you must try this at your wedding or your loved ones’ wedding. 

These are a few ideas to incorporate fresh flowers into the wedding. I have mentioned some of the ideas, it doesn’t mean only you can use these ideas. There are many more ways to use fresh flowers at the wedding. You can use fresh flowers from wedding decor to jewelry. In fact, you can use it in food also. I assure you, above mention ideas will make your wedding lavish and extraordinary.