How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Ps4

Ever wondered if you could Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4? Well, you are in luck, because the answer is yes!

Here we will discuss the two easy ways to do so.

Playing PS4 on a laptop screen might be difficult for people who are unfamiliar with the many methods for transforming a laptop into a gaming screen.

Now let us turn this difficult task a piece of cake for you by addressing each step from the beginning.

So, What Is The Best Way To Connect A PS4 To A Laptop Using An HDMI Cable? For many of us, playing on the PS4 system may be a lot of fun. High-resolution games with extensive gameplay provide us with the most fun during our leisure hours.

We can now discover a large number of games on the PS4 system in a variety of genres. You may now play PlayStation 4 games on a laptop as well.

A direct connection between the PS4 and a laptop screen is not feasible. The major reason for this is that the HDMI port, which stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, will be unidirectional, meaning it will only accept output or input.

It’s hard to complete games on a laptop screen with a PS4. However, for those that want to give it a shot and play PS4 games on a laptop screen, this tutorial will show you how to connect a PS4 to a laptop via HDMI.

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How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Ps4

How to Play PS4 on A Laptop Screen with HDMI

It’s not as simple as attaching an HDMI connection from your PS4 game console to your laptop and using it as a display for PS4. If it were so simple, everyone could do so without the assistance of instructions and articles.

It’s a little complicated, but if you follow our tutorial for connecting your PS4 to your laptop, you’ll have it done in a short.

To play PS4 games with a seamless connection between your PS4 and laptop, you’ll need a laptop that supports video input.

Most computers, unfortunately, do not allow such a link, and if you believe you can figure it out, you will have much more to study.

It is not possible to connect an HDMI cable to a laptop and play games on the laptop display. The HDMI connection is unidirectional, and a duplet link is not supported.

Both the PS4 and the laptop have output ports, which means you won’t be capable of connecting them and see the PS4 output on your laptop screen.

But don’t be concerned! Here we’ll show you two simple ways to get the job done, and when you’ve completed these two steps, you’ll be able to utilize your laptop screen as a PS4 display.

Method 1) How to Connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI

We’ll utilize the first approach to connect the PS4 to the laptop screen, which involves using Sony’s remote plays streaming service.

For those who are unfamiliar with Sony’s remote play service, it is a service that allows PC and Mac users to enjoy gaming on their chosen computer display devices.

However, in order to properly set up the environment, you’ll need the following items to connect the PS4 and the laptop:-

  • Internet
  • PS4 Account
  • PC
  • Ps4 Console
  • USB cable

Is it possible to utilize my laptop as a display for my PS4? Yes, you certainly can.

What is the best way to play PS4 on a laptop through HDMI? The procedures are listed below; it should only take a couple of minutes to set everything up completely.

Step 1

This link will allow you to download the Remote Play app on your computer.

2nd Step

Turn your console on and go to Settings after you’ve downloaded and installed It., then PlayStation Network- Account management, and then finally activate the “Active as Primary PS4” option.

3rd step

If your software isn’t up to date, go to “System Software Update” and update it.

4th step

Go to Settings after that! Enable the Remote Play Connection Settings. However, keep your console turned on or put it in rest mode if you want to use a remote play on your Mac or PC.

5th step

Go to the Settings menu- then power-saving option- Set Features Available in Rest Mode, and then Turn on the PS4 from the network.

6th Step

After that, access the settings for your remote play that you downloaded previously. For the greatest gameplay experience, adjust the FPS and resolution to your screen’s specifications. You can maintain the graphic settings according to your desktop’s specifications and power.

7th step

By pressing and holding the share and PlayStation buttons on your controller at the same time, you may connect your controller to your computer. The controller will begin to blink, and when it does, connect it to the computer via USB connection. It will only take approximately 5 to 7 seconds; if it takes longer, repeat step 7.

8th Step

Then, on your PC or laptop, open the Remote Play Sony software and log in using the console login credentials. You must switch on the console for it to connect; else, it will not. That’s all; you’re ready to play your PlayStation games on your laptop screen.

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