How to Troubleshoot Outlook Rules Not Working Problems?

Outlook is a popular email service that simultaneously manages your email account and personal information to make it more convenient for users to find all their tasks and meetings in one place. Outlook is responsible for managing your calendars, contacts, tasks, webmail, and more. This email service is particularly useful for the users as it offers an undeniable comfort with managing all necessary information, meetings, details, and more in one place for you. Additionally, Outlook is a secure and reliable platform as all emails are encrypted, which provides data loss prevention, mobile device management, and advanced Threat Analytics. It is a safe and trusted platform mainly because it is a Microsoft product. Despite the commendable features, users can encounter some problems with the email service. One of the common problems in Outlook rules not running automatically. Fortunately, you will find the solution to the problem in this blog.


Outlook rules are designed to handle and categorize the incoming and outgoing messages in your Outlook inbox. It implies all the conditions it learns from the user and determines what the users want to do with the message, so it does the job itself. This particular feature makes it very convenient for the users to handle the messages more easily and make them more manageable. You can resolve the Outlook 365 rules not working problem using the steps mentioned in this blog.

Solution 1: Reset SRS-File On Your Outlook Account

The first solution requires you to rename the SRS-File of your profile by simply adding .old as the suffix to reset the send or receive settings. Please follow the steps below to reset the SRS-File on your Outlook account.

  • Open the C-Drive on your computer; you can find it on My PC
  • Now, select the Username folder and then click on the AppData folder
  • Click on Roaming and then select Microsoft from the options
  • Now, click on Outlook
  • Rename the Outlook.srs file to Outlook.srs.old
  • Restart Outlook next and then it will recreate the SRS file

Solution 2: Reduce The Inbox Rules Space On Your Outlook

The default space offered by Outlook Inbox rules is 64 KB and if the rules exceed this size quota, you will be unable to create new rules or the existing rules may work properly. So, it can be one of the reasons why Outlook rules not working automatically. However, you can also increase the space limit maximum to 256 KB. You can now utilize PowerShell cmdlets to increase the size of Outlook rules using the syntax mentioned below. 

Set – Mailbox – Identity (MailboxIdentity) – RulesQuota “(NewQuotaSize)”

In this, (Mailboxidentity) is the identity of the desired mailbox (, and (NewQuotaSize) is the new (increased) quota size that can range from 32 KB to 256 KB. 

Solution 3: Convert Client-Based Rules into Server-Based Rules

Outlook rules categorize into two – client-based and server-based. Client-based rules only work when the Outlook email client is running. If you create a client-based rule with the Rules wizard, it indicates by the following message:

“This rules is a client-only rule, and will process only when Outlook is running”

Solution 4: Fix Corruption In POP3 Or IMAP

The next solution for Outlook rules not running automatically is to fix corruption in POP3 or IMAP on your Outlook account. Please follow the steps mentioned below to carry out the process easily. 

  • Open Outlook on your computer and then click on the Tools option placed at the top of the Outlook window
  • Choose the Rules and Alerts option from the menu to open the rule causing the problem
  • Determine the location of your PST-File by opening Outlook
  • Click on the File option to reveal a drop-down menu
  • Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu followed by Account Settings
  • Next, tab Data Files next
  • Please close Outlook and then run scanpst.exe again your PST-File to check it for errors
  • Restart Outlook again and recreate your rule

Solution 5: Delete And Recreate The Rules

The following solution for Outlook rules not running automatically is to delete and recreate the rules. This will enable you to delete corrupted rules. Please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Close Outlook and go to the Start Menu
  • Insert exe/cleanrules in the search field and wait for the system to execute the search
  • When your system finds the exe/cleanrules command-line switch and then press the Enter key
  • Please delete all rules from Outlook
  • Recreate the rules in Outlook by using the Rules Wizard

After using the solutions for Outlook not running automatically, you should be able to resolve

the problem effectively and go back to utilizing the rules features. If the solutions don’t work,

you can fix the corrupted files when using an exchange account as well.