The Tenda AC1200 AC6 wireless router is an intelligent dual-band Wi-Fi Router that offers a high speed of 1167 Mbps. This router is designed with the latest features, including beamforming technology and the innovative MU-MIMO, which collectively makes this router the best amongst the rest. It doesn’t end here; the Tenda Wireless Router consists of a 28nm CPU, independent power amplifiers, and four 5dBi high-gain antennas, making users enjoy 4K video streaming without interruptions. It also offers power-saving functions, App-based management, and a more innovative and eco-friendly digital life. Its main features include high-powered amplifiers, external antennas for more coverage, beamforming, an intelligent Wi-Fi schedule for lower power consumption, and more. If this router is your recent purchase and you’re looking forward to setting it up, you may require instructions to do so. You will find the entire process for Tenda Wireless Router Setup in this blog.


The Tenda Wireless Routers are capable of serving as a Wi-Fi router as well as a repeater. The Tenda Ac1200 router has twice as strong through-wall connectivity ability compared with other routers. Its fast speed allows users to stream videos or play games uninterruptedly. This router supports power-saving technology, remote management, creates a low-power consumption and intelligent, eco-friendly life. You will find the Tenda wireless Router Setup as a Wi-Fi router as an access point and Repeater in this blog.


Setting up the Tenda AC1200 wireless router can be easy as long as you have pre-existing knowledge about the procedure. Nevertheless, it is simple even if you aren’t aware of the procedure. The steps below can guide you through setting up the router successfully. Please follow carefully and thoroughly to complete the process.

  • Begin with unpacking the Wi-Fi and placing it at its ideal place; it would be best to put it near a power socket.
  • After you unpack the router and place it correctly, place its power plug into a power socket to turn on the Wi-Fi.
  • The next step for Tenda Wireless Router Setup is to look for an ethernet cable, which you will need to connect your router to the modem.
  • Using the Ethernet cable, connect the router and modem by inserting one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem and entering the Port4 (WAN) port on the router.
  • Next, open the preferred browser on your computer or laptop and enter in the URL, followed by hitting the Enter key to launch the page.
  • The address above should open the Setup page on your browser; click on the Green button on the page with ‘Start’ written on it.
  • The start button will open a Setup Wizard.

Correct Wi-Fi Settings Configuration

Once the Setup Wizard opens, you will require configuring the correct Wi-Fi Settings, as mentioned in the next few steps.

  • Transmit Power: Click on the Transmit Power: Low menu and switch it to Transmit Power: High
  • Change the Wi-Fi network name under the SSID
  • For Wi-Fi Password, please set a solid password to authenticate your account and keep your Wi-Fi network secure
  • For Login Password, set the admin password as you wish to select and click on the Next option
  • After you make all the changes mentioned above, a login page should appear on the screen with a column for your password
  • Please enter your password in the given column and select Login
  • You should be able to see the main status page now
  • Next, connect the Wi-Fi to the PC, enter your Wi-Fi password, and click on Connect

With the steps mentioned above, the setup is complete. Please note that you can download a full Tenda ac1200 ac6 manual online, which can majorly help to provide instructions. Nevertheless, you can set up your wireless router as a repeater. You can find the steps for the same in the next segment (below).


At times, Wi-Fi cannot reach devices placed at a longer distance than the ones placed nearer to the router. This may be inconvenient for the users as slow or poor internet can take significant time to load one webpage. So, the Tenda wireless router is capable of serving as a Repeater to provide the same strength to all devices.

  • Prefer to use a wired connection from the router LAN port to your laptop’s LAN port
  • Open your desktop’s Network Settings and change the TCP/IPv4 to the DHCP mode.
  • Power on the router and wait until your desktop receives the IP address from the Tenda DHCP server.
  • Next, open your preferred web browser and insert in the URL, and press Enter.
  • On the login page, enter your login password in the designated column and click on the Login option.
  • After you log in, the Tenda Wireless Router dashboard should open on the screen consisting of your router connection map and status.
  • Open your Wi-Fi settings from the left column of the dashboard and select the Wireless Repeating option.
  • Enable the Wireless Repeating button and patiently wait for a few seconds for Tenda to scan all nearby Wi-Fi
  • Now, use bridge mode repeater client +AP
  • Select your primary Wi-Fi SSID name from the list and provide your main Wi-Fi password to allow the connection with Tenda Repeater
  • Press Save next and confirm the router reboot.


Please note that you can find detailed information in the Tenda ac1200 ac6 manual provided with the router itself. However, you can use the steps mentioned in this blog to set up the router with your devices as an access point and a repeater so that you can utilize the high speed and conveniently connect all your devices to the Wi-Fi.

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