How to Place Adsense Mobile ad in WordPress Mobile Plugin

WordPress is Supporting lot of mobile plugin to mobilize your site for better view in mobile device , nearly most of the visitors may come form mobile browsers it the content is related to mobile tips software of games or application in this case mobile plugin i prefer mobilepress which fits correct and easy loading, since adsense ads r not displayed in mobile device only adsense for mobile ads can be displayed which is in php format this post is all about placing adsense mobile ads in two popular mobile plugin like mobilepress and wordpress mobile pack

wordpress mobile pack consist of an option to place mobile ads on the bottom as a widget by the terms and condition of adsense , mobile ads can be placed at top or bottom only not between post or like if placed in bottow double ads can be shown , if placed at top single ad must be displayed, i prefer to show adsense for mobile ad at top in both the mobile theme plugin ,just copy the php adsense mobile ad code in wordpress mobile pack

1.From appearance menu at left side bar select editor now at the left side bar find list of themes including mobile themes the theme which ur using for displaying mobilized view and click header.php for right side of the side bar and scroll down at bottom and place the mobile ad code to display ads at top below header, it will look nice

For mobilePress plugin use filezilla or file manager form hosting account for placing ads at top below header of the theme

  • In file manager goto plugins folder under wp-content open mobilepress folder system–>themes–>default
    scroll down to find header.php right click to open scroll down and paste the copied adsense mobile ad code at the end of the page to display the ads below the header and u can also place at top or footer in smiler way

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