How to Pick the Right Birthday Card

Birthdays are special for everyone. And everyone wants to pick something unique and interesting to be presented to someone on his/her very special day. Greeting cards can be a good present and we all want to pick the right card for someone we care about.

But with all the options available, it sometimes gets very difficult to choose one. And if you are picking up your card at the last minute, then chances are you will be confused and perhaps pick up a sympathy card instead of congratulations, in your hurry. 

Talking greeting cards are great and you can choose them as well for unique birthday wishes for someone close. But there too, you’ll get a range of different options that will confuse you. So, here we are, with some tips that will help you pick the perfect birthday card. Here are the three steps that you should follow.

1. Whose Birthday Is It?

The first thing you need to consider is whose birthday it is and what is your relationship with the birthday person. Having the relationship that you share with the person is important and should be kept in mind while choosing a card. You don’t want to present your boss with the card that you’d do to your close friend! Depending on the relationship, there are many categories that you’ll be able to choose from.

If you are sending a birthday card for a female friend, there are two categories that you can choose from. One is the ‘for her’ category, and the other is the ‘for friends’ category. Going to the specific category always helps, as it allows you to streamline your search. For a female friend, we recommend that you pick a birthday card from the ‘for friends’ category that she’ll like not only as a female but as your friend as well.

2. What are the Personal Likes of the Birthday Person?

After selecting the category and relationship, the next thing you should consider is the personal likes and dislikes of the birthday person. Keep in mind that the card is not for you, but the person. Many people make the mistake of buying cards according to their own likes without giving a thought to what the birthday person would like.

So, take your time and think carefully about what the person likes. Is it some particular color like red, purple, or pink that he/she likes? Or does the person have some special likes for some objects like flowers or butterflies? 

Figuring the personal likes of the birthday person will not be tough if you know him/her well. But if you do not know what the likes are, you can simply choose common birthday items on the card like cakes, balloons, etc. 

3. Think of the Message

Sending the right birthday card is not just about choosing the card, but also sending the right wishes. So, the last thing you need to decide on is the message you want to deliver. The message could be funny, appreciative, or standard messages wishing a great year. 

If you are sending a card to an old friend, you can say something funny, like some humorous lines or quotes about getting old. Or, if you are sending the card to someone talented and close, tell them how proud you are of him/her.

It’s best to write a message that’s personal if you know the person well. But for people whom you do not know for that long, stick to a message that is general and appreciative.

Birthdays are special and everyone wants to pick up the perfect card for that special person. One way of making things more special for them is to gift talking greeting cards with an audio message embedded in it. Just remember the tips mentioned here and pick the best card for the special person and occasion. 

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