How to Know What Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatments Are Available

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition whereby there is an inability to achieve and sustain an erection, with ejaculation occurring only when the male is completely aroused. There are several possible underlying medical reasons for erectile dysfunction including diseases of the bladder or prostate, infections, or vascular or heart conditions.

 A variety of treatments are available that may help to rectify the situation. Most treatment options can include medication, therapy, or both. However, these treatments are only meant to the situation and do address the root cause.

Common causes

-The most common causes of erectile dysfunction are physical conditions such as low libido, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and chronic venous insufficiency.

-Common physical conditions that may contribute to erectile dysfunction are poor blood circulation to the penile tissues, a decreased capacity to hold the erection long enough to ejaculate, weak abdominal muscles, weak pelvic muscles, or weak spongy tissue in the penis.

-In order to overcome your erectile dysfunction, you should first realize that there is no “one size fits all” method to curing this condition. Your medical practitioner will want to talk with you about your personal lifestyle and the possible causes of the dysfunction in order to establish a solution.

-Once you are aware of what it is that is causing the difficulty, your physician can then prescribe you with the right medication for your particular case.

Medical tests

To get a handle on the causes of your erectile dysfunction, your physician will need to run tests on you to rule out any medical conditions that could be the root of your problem.

Your health history and your present medication regimen should also be thoroughly evaluated. This may involve blood tests and urine tests as well as the examination of your penis with a medical instrument called a phalloscope to determine the status of your organ.

Discuss treatment options with a physician

Erectile dysfunction is a complex medical condition, so it is important to discuss treatment options with a physician.

 The primary aim of the treatment plan is to restore the patient to a state of health in which sexual intercourse becomes more pleasurable and satisfying.

 This is often achieved through surgery, medicines, herbal supplements, biofeedback and hypnosis.

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Medications that treat erectile dysfunction may be prescribed to patients. Among the medications used are anti-depressants, beta blockers, vasodilators, and diuretics.

These medications should not only be taken on a short term basis but for the entire length of time necessary to correct the problem.


Surgical procedures to help restore erection include the operation of internal or external penis, spongy tissue, or a ballooning device.

A ballooning device is usually recommended for those patients who cannot hold an erection for longer periods than one to three minutes, and who have problems with ejaculation.

Other surgical treatments are available including an implant of a blood vessel in the penis, called vasoepididymostat, or an implant of a balloon-like device on the spongy tissue of the penis.

Temporary side effects

Most surgical methods to treat erectile dysfunction are very safe and effective. However, patients may experience temporary side effects such as pain, numbness, tingling or itching, or bruising.

 For this reason, these patients should continue with their treatment after a couple of days. Also, some patients may experience a degree of discomfort during or following surgery.

Treatment options available

Once you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, there are a number of treatment options available. You will most likely receive the prescription for a pill to help you achieve your desired results.

While these pills should not replace a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude, they can be helpful in getting your sexual life back on track.

These medications are often combined with exercises and a healthy diet so that you can increase the amount of blood flow to your penile organ.

Choose the best suited for you

Most medications for erectile dysfunction do not work for everyone. There are various reasons why these medications may not be effective and it is important to determine which ones are responsible for the failure of the medication.

For example, certain medications work best if the underlying cause of your dysfunction is a low libido.

However, if your problem is caused by stress or anxiety, the medications may not be as effective as they would if the reason were stress.


Once you have made the decision to treat erectile dysfunction, you can now decide which option is right for you. You should always consult your physician before taking any form of medication, as they will give you the proper dose and route for your specific condition.

Also, you should make sure that you are aware of the side effects and possible interactions with other drugs, especially if you are currently taking other medications.

 Before you use any form of erectile dysfunction cure pills, you must ensure that you are not experiencing any medical problems that may be causing the problem or the lack of it.

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