Custom Logo Designing

Whether you are a big brand or an SME owner, or just an individual who wants to market their services, a logo is that necessity that cannot be ignored or taken lightly. A logo is not just about the symbolization or the company name, it is a visual component that has many important jobs to carry out like representing your brand’s identity, letting the customers know what your business is about, telling the audience about your passion, and what you care about, etc. And if you can be creative with your logo, it can grab the attention of the audience instantly. You can create a Wow factor in your logo by being a little more innovative. It’s all about how far you can go with your imagination. There is no limit to the imagination and thus no limit for the design of your custom logo.

Ever since the branding has evolved, consumerism has also increased by a large margin. The way people used to shop has revolutionized, now if you want something you just have to go online, make a few clicks, and in a few days, that product is on your doorstep. This is how easy and fast consumerism has become. To cater to this hyper demand you need a constant supply along with an appealing branding strategy. In today’s capitalist environment, if you can’t have a good representation of your brand, you have a very low chance of selling anything. People buy things mostly on face value now. This face value does not develop overnight and there is a lot that goes into becoming a brand that sells on its name.

Effective branding is what you need to be acceptable in this competitive market. And out of all the branding strategies, a logo is what gives you a distinct position in the market and increases your chances of quick public approval. Now that we understand how vital a logo can be for a business, let us discuss how we can create a custom logo online.

There are several ways to do this online; one of them is to acquire freelancing services.

Make use of the Freelance platforms

With a bundle of freelancing platforms out there, it is quite easy to hire a professional graphic designer who can do the right thing for you. But you need to be sure of some of the following important points before hiring a freelancer.

1. Check their Portfolio

Almost every freelancing platform gives you an opportunity to check up on any freelancer’s portfolio. You just need to register yourself as a buyer and instantly you can access thousands of portfolios on that specific website. Then you can apply some filters according to your specifications and preferences to sort out the best one as per need.

2. Go through Clients’ reviews

This option is also widely available across all freelance platforms. Just like any other online services, you can have easy access to the clients’ reviews of any freelancer that you think is suitable for the task.

3. Your budget and Freelancer’s maturity

Once you have shortlisted a few of the freelancers that suit your taste, the final determinant becomes your budget. For that, you need to apply the filter of the potential freelancer’s maturity on the platform. If the service provider has recently joined, there is a good chance that you will get a promotional price. You can get their services as low as $5 by a newly built profile. Like they say “You get what you pay for” – Actually, itis not applicable in this scenario. You can always get more than what you pay for if you pay attention to the details. Many people do not hire a freelancer whose profile is new on the platform or if he has not made any sales. It is always possible that the person has a vast experience in the field but he has recently stepped in this industry.

4. Have a clear communication

Don’t hesitate to ask the questions at the beginning. Because once the task has been assigned then you will only get what you had initially discussed with the service provider. These freelancing sites have this algorithm that they can review your communication with the freelancer and depend upon your brief you will have to pay an additional amount for the extra revisions or any modifications to your custom logo design. So, it is better to explicitly communicate all the demands with the hired personnel in the beginning in order to avoid any compromise in the end.

5. Beware of the scammers

Although these websites do have a security system that doesn’t let the scammers stay on the platform for long but there are always some evil geniuses out there who find their way slipping through the cracks. They figure out some minor loopholes in the algorithm and then wait for their victim to fall for their perfectly designed trap. There are ways to figure out a genuine profile when going through their portfolio, if it seems too good to be true then it may be a scam. Or just read their bio and personal description, most scammers come from non-native places and don’t possess good command over English and that is where you can catch them. Their communication will tell a lot about their genuineness. This was all about hiring a freelancer. Now if you want to avoid all of these steps and directly want to see the best logo designers without all the research, you need to have a good budget and there are tons of online logo designing websites that are professional such as @LogoMagicians, Tailor Brands, Sky potential, App Development Pros, Canva, and many more. All you have to do is tell them your idea, your business’s industry, and the inspiration that you have from any popular logo design. They will send you mock-ups and then you can ask for the necessary modifications and the revisions till you reach your satisfactory Custom Logo design.