How To Choose Best Water Purifier?

Various options are available in the market; you get confused in choosing the best water purifier for your home. It is an essential decision as it involves ensuring the good health and well-being of you and your families, so it’s necessary to make the smart decision by selecting the best and right water purifier. Many believe that all water purifiers work in the same way and purify the water, but you should know that different water conditions require other purification technologies. 

You should know your needs to choose the best Aqua fresh water purifier. India is now increasingly dependent on water purifiers using technology like RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet Filtration), UF (Ultra Filtration), or a combination of all three. The water purifier that you choose depends on the quality of the water you receive in your area. Apart from this, you need to consider the price and technology of purification used before making a final decision. You should go for the Aquafresh water purifier that treats any varying water sources such as bore well, municipal, or tanker, making it an attractive home use option. There are various Aqua fresh water purifier price ranges that you should know while buying or choosing the best water purifier.

Must Have Criteria for fresh water purifier

Water Quality

You need to check the water quality of the water purifier. If supplied by water tankers, contain some harmful metals and solids that make the water hard. All these dissolved impurities in water are hazardous for health. Water with high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level, hardness, and salinity, you should go for the aqua fresh RO water purifiers with a semi-permeable membrane, which helps remove the dissolved salt and all impurities that are present in the water. And if the water comes from the municipality storage, it is soft water as the water gets purified before supplying to the various areas. It is safe though it also needs some purification to make it safe for drinking. For this, you can go for the aqua fresh with UF technology, which removes impurities and all tiny particles.

Storage Capacity

This is also one of the main factors you need to ensure before choosing a water purifier. You should know how much your daily water requirement is. This will help you get a water purifier for the home according to your family size and equip yourself with the quantity of water it purifies within an hour.

a) For 2-4 members, 5 to 8 liters of water storage capacity is enough.

b) For 4-6 members, 8-10 liters of water storage capacity is enough. 

Service and Maintenance

Water purifiers need maintenances also at regular intervals. A water purifier that needs frequent maintenance and after-sales service is not worth the money you invest. You should consider all the necessary information about the services and overall maintenance cost of water purifier while buying. Most water purifiers have an AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost) for regular repairing and maintenance services. Aqua fresh water purifier’s maintenance directly depends on the usage or the consumption of water. With this, you can save more and more annual cost while enjoying the service. 

Purification Technology

Reverse Osmosis is the best and advanced way of purification technology. The aqua freshwater purifier follows the reverse osmosis in which it produces healthy and safe water to drink. 


If water that comes in your home contains high microbes and contamination, you should install a RO + UV+ UF filtration system. Bacteria and nitrate are the common contaminants present in water that make the water unfit for use. The waterborne disease originates due to the contamination of the water. The UV effect irradiates the water and destroys all the microbes and bacteria present in water. The RO membranes help remove all dead germs and bacteria from the water and make it safe and healthy for drinking. 


It is also an essential thing to consider that the water purifier you are going to buy is certified and validated. The certifications NSF, ISI, CE, help you to put faith and authenticity in the product.


This is the last and most crucial factor that you should know about the budget properly. Everyone has their budgetary constraints, so you must see the product suits your budget.

Aquafresh RO Price Lists

Aquafresh super Grand Plus₹ 6490/-
Aquafresh G+ RO₹7490/-
Aqua Grand Plus₹7390/-
Aquafresh Nexus Camry-White₹7750/-
Aquafresh Nexus Swift RO₹6490/-
Aquafresh Alkaline RO₹8990/-

Pure and healthy water is the need of the hour in today’s world. And for this, several steps need to be taken. One of the significant criteria to decide the type of water purifier you should buy is the source of water supplied to your home. It’s not that hard to determine or choose the best water purifier, but it is essential to research the product before buying a water purifier. You need to remember a water purifier is an appliance that is directly related to your health, and you should not take any risk. The water purifier always provides 100% pure, safe, and tasty drinking water by removing all impurities. You should choose a water purifier after considering a string buildup that ensures maximum durability. Choose the one that fulfills all your needs and gives you safe water.