How Scroll Saws and Band Saws are different on the basis of Work?

Before deciding to buy a band saw, everyone should look for the intended use of the saw and think about the material to be processed. Sometimes saws are also much more suitable for other projects. To get a good overview of which saws are used for the different purposes, you can find out about scroll saw vs band saw.

The wood band saw is also one of the popular models. You should also look at a metal band saw comparison for working on iron.

If we talk about the circular saw then it is more of a professional for rough work. The thick and robust saw blade works reliably and is suitable for wood and metal. Above all, with this saw you can achieve a considerable sawing speed and process the workpieces in just a few steps.

The band saw, on the other hand, is constructed differently. Her approach enables flexible cuts. For example, the saw blade of the band saw is thin and suitable for filigree cuts. You can put the band saw between a circular saw and a scroll saw.

A scroll saw, on the other hand, is the master of filigree cuts. The particularly thin saw blades enable careful operation. It works like a fretsaw. With the appropriate circular saw blades, precise curves can be sawed in just a few steps.

How are these best served?

  • Mastering band saws is a bit of a challenge for people who usually work on a hand held saw. Both in terms of safety and your own requirements should come first.
  • An accurate cutting result can only be achieved if you know how to operate the band saw.
  • The fixed support: It goes without saying that the workpiece must rest securely and firmly on the saw table. This is particularly important with round timber, so that a sufficient support surface must be planned.
  • Use only clean workpieces: If the workpieces are dirty, the dirt should be removed beforehand. The dust and dirt can get caught in the saw blade. You should pay attention to this, especially with a wood band saw.
  • Use a trestle for long workpieces: a trestle should be used for long materials, which is an additional support.
  • Sufficient distance to the saw blade: The hands should keep a distance of at least 10 cm from the saw blade. It does not matter whether it is a wood band saw or another band saw. Safety comes first.
  • Replacing blunt blades: In technical jargon one speaks of “tormenting ligaments”. This means that the tapes have been used for a long time. This can lead to hairline cracks or, in the worst case, to the breaking of the saw blade.

Replacing the blunt blades is very important for the smooth cutting and getting a more fine edge. Scroll Saws Blunt blades can cause increase in resistance while cutting the material thus it would require more coolant to cut the wood or metal. You can carry extra blades in your tool bags on wheels in order to cut the material with fineness.