Yahoo! Mail is an email service that includes web and cloud-based messaging solutions. It allows its users to stay connected with just a tap of a finger and easy access to the inbox. these has a comprehensive design, clean interface, 1TB storage, 25MB transfer limit, and many other features. It also provides personalized themes, fonts, and designs. Over 225 million global users actively utilized this email service for their daily email exchange for professional and personal purposes. Many a time, users accidentally delete essential emails as a result of human error but instantly regret it. It is common to make such mistakes, but users often wonder if there is a way to retrieve emails. We have curated this blog to provide you with instructions on how to recover recently deleted emails?


Deleting emails from a cluster of thousands of emails can be a hectic task, so you can utilize the multiple selections of emails to delete several emails from your account. While using this feature, users end up deleted essential emails. It is a pretty prevalent error by humans. However, you can retrieve deleted emails using your desktop, iPhone, and Android smartphones. When you delete emails on Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo transfers these emails to the trash folder. You will find three ways to retrieve emails are discussed below.


You must know that Yahoo doesn’t cling to your deleted emails forever. The email service is accustomed to delete the deleted emails from the trash permanently after thirty days. To know how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo using your desktop, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Yahoo! Mail in your web browser and log in to your account using the correct credentials
  • From the column on your left, select the Trash folder
  • If you cannot find it, click on the More option and then select the Trash folder
  • Search for the email you are looking for to retrieve and click on the checkbox next to it
  • If there are multiple emails you want to recover, click on all checkboxes next to them to select
  • The next step for how to retrieve deleted emails from Yahoo Mail is to click on Restore to Inbox from the list at the top of your inbox

All your desired deleted emails should appear in your inbox now.


The process of email restoration on the Yahoo mobile application is similar to that of the desktop. You need to restore the emails from your inbox’s Trash folder. To know how to recover recently deleted emails on Yahoo using your smartphone, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Yahoo mobile application on your smartphone and log in to your account if required
  • Tap on the navigation menu on the Yahoo mobile application and select the Trash folder
  • A list of all deleted emails should appear on your screen; choose the ones you wish to retrieve by ticking their checkboxes
  • Now tap on the Move option followed by the Inbox option
  • All selected emails should now appear in your inbox

Now you know how to recover recently deleted emails from the Trash folder, but we also know that Yahoo only keeps deleted emails for thirty days. The question now is, how can we retrieve emails you deleted over a month ago?


All deleted emails are lost into the ether after a period of thirty days as Yahoo permanently deletes them from your Trash folder – and into thin air. Fortunately, there is a slight ray of hope in retrieving lost emails on your account. Yahoo restore request is the answer for how to retrieve deleted emails from Yahoo mail that you deleted over thirty days ago.

  • Go to the Yahoo Help Central on your browser
  • Insert your credentials and login if required, and you do not have your account logged in to the system already
  • Click to open a Restore Request form
  • Here, you will require specifying whether you deleted said an email from the mobile application or the web browser on your computer
  • You will also need to mention the time frame of when you deleted said email or last saw the email on your account
  • Insert your Yahoo ID next and an email address that you still have access to
  • The last step for how to retrieve deleted emails from Yahoo is to select Create request to submit your request


Deleting important emails is a common mistake we can all be guilty of making, but thanks to technology, we can still get our hands on previously deleted emails. You will learn how you can retrieve emails on your Yahoo account. You will find three ways to restore deleted emails: restoring from trash on the web browser, restoring from trash on Yahoo mobile application, and sending a restore request to Yahoo. If you need more information on Yahoo, you can visit our other blogs.

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