How 10 Minutes of Meditation can change your life

After meditating, I was able to give myself permission to be happy, and for some reason my husband, who was alcoholic, changed.

I am just going to share a true story of my life. At that time, my husband was alcoholic and came home late every night, got involved with me who was drunk and sick, and was told to go out if I could not work, and my shoulders were narrow and my husband went to work every day Was crying out loud.

I learned about the existence of a meditation circle on SNS and heard that it has a scientific effect, so I decided to try it.

Gave yourself permission to be happy

1. How to do Meditation

All I had to do was lie down and meditate for 10 minutes every day at 10 pm. In a national attempt, I was able to feel an invisible bond by having all the people trying this meditation start all at once.

2. The practice of meditation

It is very difficult to lie down and meditate without thinking, and meditating reminds us of worries and past painful experiences. I didn’t think it would be so difficult to get rid of myself, 10 minutes felt so long and meditating was a painful day.

When I looked it up, I read that in order to get rid of it, I should pay attention only to my own breathing, and when I breathe, my stomach goes up and down, so I read that I should pay attention only to that , and practiced that method. .. Then the painful meditation felt so easy that I didn’t have to think about anything.

3. Development of meditation, what I received

When I got used to meditation, I first thought of forgiving myself. I’m hurt, but I’m wondering what’s wrong with it, I can forgive me for being hurt, and I’m suffering, I’m thinking every day that I have the right to forgive myself It became easier when I started to think that there was one.

And I forgave the right to receive happiness from heaven. I can receive various things. I decided to express my feelings honestly and to accept myself as a laugher.

The fact that there are surely people all over the country who have the same feelings at the same time strengthened me. Meditation is no longer painful and has become an important part of my spirit.

Changes in marital relationships Alcoholic husbands have changed

My husband gets drunk and goes home, thank you for your hard work today, how about your meal? How about a bath? At first, my husband got angry and said, ” Don’t hit me !”, But then, yes, I silently accepted that I could take off my suit.

I have the right to happiness, and that’s the only thing I was thinking about. I don’t know what changed him.

When I finish my work without drinking, I go straight home and watch TV while living a casual and ordinary life. I am exercising my right to receive happiness through meditation.