Everything You Need To Know More About CFA Test Series

Today’s post is aimed at people who are just looking for an idea for their career path related to finance. I wrote it in response to a proposal from a reader who is just wondering what interesting things to do in such an industry. Since there are a lot of possibilities here, and I can’t possibly mention my specializations in one entry, I decided to focus on the most popular professions. A career in finance can be very interesting and gives you wide opportunities for development. CFA Mock Test Series help us with the preparation of the CA exam.

Career in finance

Bookkeeping and accounting – this is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind about studies related to finance. This is not entirely true, because this specialization is very special and in few respects resembles working in other professions related to a career in finance. Contrary to appearances, there are many opportunities for development in this generally named position. These include international qualifications: e.g. the FIA ​​(Foundations in Accountancy), ACA (ICAEW Chartered Accountant) and ACCA.

Financial advisor – Working in this position is mainly based on contact with the client. The advisor must have comprehensive knowledge of financial products – loans, deposits, funds. Advisors working in financial institutions often specialize in a given field, e.g. in servicing companies or mortgage loans. In addition to financial knowledge, you need communication skills, ability to deal with stress and the ability to solve problems quickly. If you want to read about the work of a banker, check the entry in which I mentioned my work in a branch –  lights-and-shadows-of-a-banker-work  🙂 Additional qualifications for a career in banking are, for example, CF (corporate finance); CKF (Certified Financial Consultant); DPB (Qualified Bank Employee).

Financial analyst –

This position requires a lot of independence and the ability to cooperate with other departments, e.g. accounting. The analyst is mainly involved in the analysis of collected data, reports and financial statements, profitability research and forecasts. Additional certificates increasing qualifications: eg ACCA and CFA.

Stock broker – professionally engaged in the purchase and sale of securities. Brokers are employed on the stock exchange or in brokerage offices. It is an emotional job, therefore a very high resistance to stress is required. The profession of a broker also requires you to be available, because important changes in the markets actually happen all the time. To become a stockbroker, CFA Test Series you must pass a special state exam and be entered on the list of securities brokers by the  Polish Financial Supervision Authority . This profession is considered prestigious.

Investment advisor – Belongs to the regulated professions of the  Polish Financial Supervision Authority. A career in finance in this position can offer many opportunities. The professional qualification of a licensed investment advisor is the equivalent of an international CFA.

Tax advisor – If you are interested in a career in finance related to accounting, you may be interested in a more advanced form, which is tax advisory. All details about the exams and requirements are available on the website of the Ministry of Finance.