Different Ways to use Vinyl Stickers for your Business

Have you heard about sticker marketing and are keen to include stickers in your advertising strategy? Or do you need some guidance to figure out if sticker marketing would really work for you? 

Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk you through the best uses of vinyl stickers for your business. Vinyl stickers are ideal for thousands of applications, which makes them the perfect all-rounder. Our tips are easy to action immediately, and will help you hit your growth targets. So let’s jump right in. 

1. Giveaways 

Stickers are very low-cost, often only coming to a few pennies per sticker. This makes them the ideal freebie to add to all orders or purchases, hand out at exhibitions or send to influencers. Through this practice, you can really tap into the superpower of stickers.

Given in the right moment, stickers are not considered advertising. Rather, they are perceived as a gift. Gift-giving has long been part of advertising. It alludes to a psychological process called “the rule of reciprocity”. Upon being given a gift, we feel the subconscious need to return the favor, and repay the gift-giver. In our scenario, this can take the shape of a purchase or a post on social media.

Beyond that, receiving a gift ignites positive emotions that will automatically be associated with your brand. This not only includes the likelihood of a repeat purchase, but also ensures that your customers will use them as phone or laptop stickers. This way, you can turn your existing customer base into brand ambassadors. 

2. Product packaging 

Stickers are the perfect option to elevate your product’s packaging. This can also help you lower the cost of your packaging materials. As you will be applying your logo yourself, you can bulk-buy plain cardboard boxes or jars. 

Since unboxing videos are a trend on social media, this experience has become an integral part of a customer’s journey. Using stickers, you can create a coherent unboxing experience that includes your branding and ensure your customers will remember you.

Vinyl stickers are a great way to communicate your brand values visually. Just look at the image below. This is a great example of using an effect sticker to make your product stand out and highlight its luxurious quality. 

3. Limited edition seals 

You have probably stumbled over a fair number of limited edition stickers before. They have long been part of marketing and are the perfect example for a sticker speaking volumes. 

Something as simple as a round 1×1” sticker can communicate product scarcity. This gives customers the impression that your product is only available for a short time, making it immediately more desirable. 

You are not only asking customers to make an immediate purchase decision, but also demand them to take action, as your product might no longer be on the shelves when they return. 

We recommend using effect vinyl stickers for this to communicate the luxurious edge of your product or limited edition range. Through a purchase, your customers become part of an exclusive club! 

4. Window signage 

If you have a physical storefront, do not forget about your windows. It does not matter if you are located in a shopping mall, or you are part of a high street, your windows are like a business card and should lure people into your store. 

For this purpose, front adhesive stickers are perfect. These stickers have adhesive on the front, covering your design. This way, you can apply them to the inside of your window, having your design face outwards. 

You can choose between white and transparent stickers. Transparent materials create an amazing effect when applied to windows or any other clear surface and allow your customers to still spot your range through the window. 

We hope we could show you why stickers can really amplify your marketing efforts and help you reach a new customer base. Are you already using custom stickers for your advertising or have any questions? Then leave us a comment below. 

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