Conquer Your Survival Training With Brass Knuckle Knife

The spirit of adventure makes you go to fantastic places and experience new things. If you are a wilderness junkie, your adventures need the right tools and hacks. On top of good tools’ convenience, the wilderness also urges you to be on your guard. In the olden days, weapons were some of the first things created to help people. Even now, you can find countless weapons that double as tools to make our lives easier. The brass knuckle knife is a fantastic invention that melds a knuckle weapon’s usefulness with a sharp blade.

Where Did The Knuckle Knife Originate?

Almost all weapons share some history, and many cultures use the same tools. There are different names of the same knife, and it served various purposes over the years.

In World War I, a contraption called the trench knife was created, which was half knuckle half blade. This weapon was used for self-defense in the trenches to help the soldiers in direct combat. The clunky, offensive knuckle already existed way before; the addition of the knife was double trouble. The knuckle knife allows the wielder to grip his weapon and apply better force firmly. You can find variations of this weapon all over the world and multiple designs as well. 

The Purpose Of The Knuckle Duster Knife

Although the main purpose of the folding Brass Knuckle Knife might be fighting and survival, there’s more to it. When combat weapons are not commonly used, you can utilize the knuckle knife in various ways.

  • For opening packages and tough wrappings, you can use a knuckle knife to bust in.
  • In a fire, the knuckle knife has a solid handle to break out of trapped places.
  • This would also apply to situations where you get trapped in nets or brambles. 
  • A knuckle knife also works well for hunting and prepping game. The knife part can hunt, kill, skin, and butcher meat. The knuckle part protects the hands and provides a firm grip when hunting. 
  • You can also use the brass knuckle knife while camping. This single knife can help you prep food, prop up tents, tap trees, and make kindling wood.

What Are The Best Knives For Survival Training?

While there are multiple tools to use to help you in the wild, a brass knuckle knife is a worthy contender. It is easy to use and is quite durable, which makes it ideal for prolonged use. If you are going on a long trip, its best to consider buying one of these Mtech knives;

  • If you want to go hunting and you need a sturdy blade, you need design and durability. The long, sharp, and pointed blade of the Mtech Camo Knuckle Handle Knife is ideal. It promises protection from wear and tear, and the blade is excellent for cutting and hunting. It also comes with a semi-serrated side, which helps with cleaning bones and scales.
  • When you think about survival, it’s not just a matter of making it in the jungle. There are multiple emergencies you should also be prepared for. The Mtech Xtreme Tactical Combat Knife is a sight to behold. It features a serrated blade, a primarily strong steel finish, and a glass-breaker. If you find yourself in a bind where you need to get out, you can count on this knife.
  • The best knife to use for self defense is the small but hefty Knuckle Handle Tactical Knife with camouflage handle. It is easy to hold thanks to the strong gripping bends, and the blade is manageably long. You don’t need to rely on anyone if you have this knife with you, which will be your ultimate guard.

Where To Find Ideal Brass Knuckle Knife For Sale?

Some tools are easier to find than others and are abundantly available. In the case of the brass knuckle knife, you might have to look harder. It’s not every day that you’d find a collection of trench knives in your local Wal-Mart. The best way to scout ideal knives for sale is to do your research and know exactly what you need. 

Your best shot at finding the right kind of blades is trying out online stores. Unlike the stock you would get in your local market, online stores have better inventory. You have the luxury to choose and survey the types of products available. In the case of cool knives like these knuckle blades, you need variety and quality. That is hard to get in one place when knuckle knives aren’t the most usual of blades ever used.

There is more than one kind of knuckle weapon that you will get on the online market. If you specifically need a knuckle knife, the ideal place is Knife Import. The range of knives discussed earlier was also courtesy of this hub of wholesale knives. Rather than looking in multiple places, the collection of quality brass knuckle knives is exemplary at Knife Import.

Buying Cheap Knives For Not So Cheap Lives

Something as multifaceted as a knife can come in handy in dozens of ways. The more you think about it, the craftier it gets. Now joining a blade to something like a knuckle weapon is even better than a simple blade.

The best kind of knives you can get will probably cost you an arm and a leg. If you are buying from a reliable source, however, it is easier to find something affordable. Knife Import offers the same blades you will scour the earth for in one place. What’s more, you can afford them all since they are all priced below $25.  

Even if you want to buy just one or multiple ones for business, you won’t have to drain your wallet for it. With the best materials and ideal designs, you will have the option of choosing the right kind of blades. If you’re looking for a well-priced product that lasts long, head to this store and gets what you can afford.