Breast lift

What is breast lift? Mastopexy is often known as breast lift is a surgical procedure that aims to treat the asymmetrical shape of the breast. Deformation of the breast is a major issue among the women as the droopy nipples and saggy breast heavily affect their aesthetic beauty. You can also modify the shape of … Read more

Essential things to consider before choosing the liposuction treatment


It is a well-known medical procedure. It assists with eliminating the abundance just as obstinate fat which never diminishes utilizing diet and exercises. With the assistance of liposuction in Punjab all of you set to effectively reshape your body in the manner you need. Regardless of the parts utilizing this medical procedure all of you set to … Read more

Why should you have your hair transplant in Jalandhar?

hair transplant in Jalandhar

Hair transplant is mainly a surgical procedure through which the hair follicles from one part of the donor’s body to the other part of the recipient’s body, usually bald. This technique or procedure is also made for treating men’s pattern of baldness. Why people prefer to have a hair transplant in Jalandhar? In the present … Read more