Bundesliga the World Famous League of Germany

Bundesliga is the most favorite football league playing in Germany. It is one of the world’s famous and rich football league on the earth.

Talk about a world-class football league and don’t mention Bundesliga, it is an injustice to the fans of football. This league is one of the best football league is playing on earth. World-class teams, best players, coaches, and football types of equipment are made this league world famous. If you don’t watch this league as a football lover you will miss a titan fight of the football giants.

History of the League: 

Bundesliga was started in West Germany in the year of 1963. German Football Association was the main initiator who started the league with the top tier team in West Germany. The first league was allowed 16 top teams of West Germany. The teams were- FC Koln, Meidericher SV, Eintracht Frankfurt, Borussia Dortmund, VfB Stuttgart, Hamburger SV, etc. FC Koln was the first team that won the first edition of the league. In 1965, the association increases the team from 16 to 18. After the reunification of Germany in 1989, DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga became the new organizer of the league. In 2001 East German football league also merge with West Germany. Presently a total of 18 teams can take part in the league.

Why is it called Bundesliga?

Bundesliga means Federal League. Simply, it means the league of the whole country. It is used for the two German nations Germany and Austria. Football is the most popular sport in Germany and Austria. So, fans are waiting for the league every year.

Football Teams in League: 

Presently best football teams of Germany are qualified for Bundesliga. Now, there are 18 teams in the league. The best teams are Bayern Munchen, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, FC Augsburg, SV Werder Bremen, FC Union Berlin, Sport-Club Freiburg, etc. FC Bayern is the titleholder and the most successful team that won 29 titles.  

Sponsorship and Earnings: 

This league has a huge reputation in the world of football. In a report, it says that this league earns huge revenue among the other football league. It is one of the rich football leagues. In one statistic it says that German Football earns around 4 billion euro, 1.48 billion euro come from the media receipts and 845 billion euro was earned from advertising. Football kit sponsorships is one of the revenue earning source of the teams. The estimated revenue reach from the kit sponsorship is around 180 million euros. The report says, Bayern Munich has received 35 million euros from the sponsorship, while the champion of 2008-09 seasons VfL Wolfsburg earned nearly 20 million euros from their sponsorship dealer Volkswagen.


Bundesliga is a favorite league in many countries. It is a watchable football league in Asia, Europe, and America. Many international broadcasters want to buy television rights in the league. People from around the world watch and follow the league. Even in 2019 DFL has launched its OTT version and it is getting much appreciation. Bundesliga is favorites in many countries like Brazil, the United States, Canada, Central America, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark. It is a watchable league in India also. Many Indian fans support Bayern Munich and follow their social media.

Shield of Bundesliga:

The champion team of the league wins the Meisterschale or the shield of Bundesliga. Only, it is the champion bowl which handover to the champion team at the end of the season. The shield contains all the names of the champion teams from 1903.

Prize money:   

A report says the champion team of the league is received around 100 million euros and the runner-up team is received around 30 million euros.

Format of the game:

The team has to play 2 matches with each other on a home and away system. A team has to play 34 matches and the top team of the league will be received the league title. The maximum match is played on Saturday and Sunday, this call match day.

Beer shower:

Beer shower is marked as a celebration of the champion team of Bundesliga. The players, coaching staff, and supporters celebrate the championship by dousing each other in beer. This is a traditional celebration of the title owner. However, reports say, the beer shower is started by Bayern Munchen as a part of their title win.

Successful Clubs:

The most successful club in Bundesliga is FC Bayern Munchen. They won 30 league titles. For the last 8 seasons, they won the league title respectively. In the 2019-20 seasons, they own the treble-winning Bundesliga, DFL Pokkal, and Champions League. Other successful teams are – FC Nurnburg won 9 league title, Borussia Dortmund 8 times, Schalke 04 7 times, Hamburger SV won 6 titles.

Bundesliga has emerged as one of the notable leagues in the world. It is famous as much as like English Premier League and La Liga. Many world-renowned football players played in the league.

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