Asthma in babies- symptoms & treatment

Asthma is a risky and severe disease. But when it comes to kids, asthma becomes more vulnerable to them. So great care should be taken regarding kids, otherwise, asthma may prove fatal & lethal for them. 

 Causes of asthma in kids

Baby possesses smaller and narrower air passages or airways than the elder ones. So the chances of getting affected by asthma rise than the elder ones or adults.

The basic problem of asthma which makes it more vulnerable is the issue and difficulty in breathing.

Asthma results in infection in the upper respiratory tract which compels breathing to be more difficult. Asthma occurs in babies for various reasons that comprise of

Hereditary asthma or chronic asthma, hereditary asthma may appear due to disorder in genes of parents, from which the asthma transport to babies and chronic asthma means, which occurs to babies due to the complications in the time of conceiving and birth.

There are also several and different reasons for asthma in babies, they are:-

If a mother is involved in smoking during the conceiving and gestation period her respiratory tract becomes weak which could provoke asthma in babies. 

As stated earlier, a family chronology and record of allergens of asthma puts one’s baby at higher risk.

Factors that trigger asthma in babies

As babies and kids immunity system are weak, he/she can become and evolve more vulnerable to the factors that trigger asthma. 

Factors that increase the risk of asthma are –  

  • Exposure to dust
  • Mold
  • Pollen

 One should keep their babies from harmful cigarette smoke and hazardous fumes of factories. Also one should not provide their babies with the foodstuff that causes asthma they are peanut & groundnut, dairy products, seafood, etc. You can also make use of a Duolin inhaler or Levolin Inhaler after the recommendation of a doctor. 

Symptoms of asthma in babies  

There are several symptoms which by which you can detect asthma in babies they are:

Noisy breathing or whistling

 Yes, while sleeping whistling sound is produced by babies also called wheezing. This shows complicated breathing issues in the respiratory tract of babies.

Frequent coughing is another reason for asthma in babies

 Babies often indulge in coughing and sneezing.  Breathing and respiration become more difficult for babies as sometimes they have fast breathing and sometimes they have slow breathing.

Difficulty in the intake of food and swallowing

Besides these reasons, babies have difficulty in the intake of food and also in swallowing food and shucking. 

Babies may turn bluish

Their fingernail, face, and lips turn blue which is one of the main symptoms of asthma. 

Asthma affected babies don’t show activeness in regular and curricular activities due to fatigue and timeless, as their immunity system is weak they don’t show involvement in playing and gaming activities like other children.

Diagnosis of asthma for babies

One should rush to the doctor or physician or take the baby to the hospital if asthma symptoms are found in the baby. It is not safe to use inhalers such as Asthalin inhaler or Levolin Inhaler for treating asthma in children. Ask the doctor if there is any inhaler or nebulizer that fits treatment for asthma in babies.  

Parents should properly discuss with doctors and physicians about their family chronology and records and also about the baby’s response to food, potential allergens, or allergens to a certain environment.

But this test can’t usually be done with babies as they have a narrow respiratory tract than older children.  The whistling and breathing sound of babies that comes when they sleep can only be diagnosed by stethoscope, as this device detects the whistling sound of lungs easily.

And after that, a chest X-ray or blood test can be done if it is required for the diagnosis of the baby.

Besides this, if you are not confident of your pediatrician accuracy and diagnosis you can opt to go for a physician and a doctor who is a specialist in pediatric asthma.


Correct treatment should be accomplished to babies to get rid of vulnerable asthma as soon as possible.

Besides this asthmatic parents should take accurate precautions before conceiving a baby. Similarly, asthmatic babies should be given proper care and treatment should be taken to increase the immunity system of babies. Once the immunity system is increased, babies will develop good resistant power against asthma. Asthmatic babies should be provided with proper food and warm treatment as the intake of proper food with the accomplishment of a proper environment may lower the chance of asthma.

The treatment of asthma in babies is of the utmost importance. The best part is that asthma in babies can be completely cured within a time frame. The Duolin inhaler or Levolin Inhaler for them are often different from those of the adults and hence you need to be much more careful in dealing with those. 

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