A story about getting married

Ecolenjoy stated his determination at the shrine and got married wonderfully

“Marriage activity” that a single woman who has no marriage partner thinks once. This time, I would like to talk about how I couldn’t get married even after working on marriage for more than 10 years, but I could get married just by changing the way I visit temples and shrines.

Why are you visiting temples and shrines?

I think that you often worship together when you visit temples and shrines for the first visit or when you travel, but what do you say in your heart when you worship?

Those who know the sutra may be chanting it, but most of them wish to go to the school of their choice by taking the exam, or to keep their family healthy. I think I’m telling the Buddha. I have always been. From a young age, I closed my eyes and prayed desperately to a god I had never seen.

Marriage activity = God’s request

Did you start to wonder about it when you had taken the entrance exam and got a job and the marriageable age had passed? Even though I pretended not to be impatient, when I heard that it was a matchmaking shrine, I flew away, threw in a large amount of money, always bought a lucky charm, and pulled a fortune, and I was delighted.

Doing that doesn’t mean that life will change, but I don’t have the courage to stop. It’s like a routine.

At that time, when I was watching TV at home, the priest of the temple or someone said, “I thank God and my ancestors for coming to the temple and worshiping because I lived in this way. That’s what it is. “Is that so! I knew for the first time.

From that day onward, when I visited temples and shrines, I always thought “Thank you”. “I’m healthy. Thank you.” “My father’s surgery was completed successfully. Thank you.” Even so, my marriage was still not good and I was busy with work.

Expressing determination, not relying on God

One day, I went on a drive trip to Susa Shrine in Shimane Prefecture. I was struck by severe dizziness near a large tree on the back, which is said to be a power spot. I thought it was a revelation from God, who had no reaction to what I prayed for or what I did.

Then, at the next Izumo Taisha Shrine, I changed the way I used to be. “I’m currently married. I’ll find a partner and get married by next year,” I thought in my heart.

Then, wherever I went, I was proud to say, “I’m doing my best. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it this time.” Or “Please see. I’ll definitely get married.”

Then, the following year, I got along well with the person I met in a matchmaking and Suru Suru, and four months after I met, I joined the company.

You can think that you could control your heart by telling yourself, but when I was straying, God and my ancestors said, “I hit that big mouth. It’s fine. It’s about time to put a piece on. I feel like he took off his skin.

Originally, I am a weak-willed person whose decision is immediately shaken, but I think that even a person like me can continue with this method and it will be effective. If you want to change the status quo, please try it.