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With the Roomba 980, you can move the entire house in a straight line for added cleanliness. IRobot iAdapt mapping and navigation technology has evolved significantly over the years. IAdapt 2.0 is the version that brings the 900 series vacuum cleaner to the top of the market.

At that time, robot vacuums were the only technology that allowed you to create a visual map of your home and floor plan. This allowed the 900 series robots to clean in parallel lines and mimic human behavior.

Maps and floor plans can also be viewed via the mobile application. You can use this application to see which areas the vacuum cleaner has previously cleaned and which areas have not yet been visited. Other sensors, such as drop sensors and impact sensors, are built into technology that maps the home and provides more accurate cleaning.

For example, the device’s impact sensor prevents the 980 from hitting furniture or walls at full speed. Thanks to acoustic and infrared sensors, vacuum cleaners can detect large objects without colliding with them.

When it detects an obstacle or wall, it slows down the 980 but hits the obstacle. Moving objects are pushed aside, allowing the robot to continue cleaning while cleaning the 980 without damaging impassable objects.

The main method of mapping and navigation is frame-mounted cameras from the 1980s. It has its own memory of the floor plan, as the camera is constantly taking pictures while the robot moves around the house.

The 980 keeps track of where it is in the house, thanks to these photos that the robot takes to keep it up to date. We also know what needs to be cleaned and what is pre-covered. Read more reviews

i7 +

With iAdapt 3.0, i7 + allows navigation software to memorize floor plans like the 980, but it also provides more map functionality.

For example, the stain detection option has been improved so that when a dirty area is detected, it will take a little longer to remove the dirty area. It may not be the first time, but the i7 + will take notes and request space at a later date.

In addition, the updated software allows the i7 + to display multiple floor plans. With iAdapt 3.0, the robot vacuum can map and store up to 10 individual plans. Now i7 + can represent not only the whole house, but some other houses.

When the i7 + maps a solid, it identifies a particular landmark and stores it in memory. This allows the robot to quickly identify the floor plan it has cleared and make the necessary changes. Bookmarks can be tables, shelves, and other types of furniture.

Roomba i7 + vs 980 – Features, Similarities, Differences

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When the Roomba 980 debuted, it climbed to the top of a robot vacuum and was virtually invincible there for some time. But recently there was a competitor with the Roomba i7 +. This vacuum cleaner is one of the most advanced smart robot vacuum cleaners on the market.

These two powerful robot vacuums are very powerful in terms of functionality. So what if you compare these two devices? That’s what I want to do in this post. However, keep in mind how much you hate emptying the trash.

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