7 Best Gift Ideas for Baby Shower to Impress Mom to Be

We are excited to share this article, as we had come across several beautiful ideas for the most beautiful moment for a woman who is MOM TO BE, and while searching for this idea we can feel the excitement of people who are kith and kin of the mom to be and wish all the best for the one who is reading this and for whom the gift is being searched.

As this event of Baby Shower which is commonly called as ‘Godh-Bharai’ in India. In this blissful event EXPECTED MOTHER is glorified. Traditionally this event is celebrated like a ceremony where all kith and kin of expected mother and father attend it. The expected mother holds the cloth in hand to carry all the fruits and sweets showered on her, she is gifted with beautiful things for herself. It is carried in such a way as one carries a child on her lap. Although modern times have changed the pattern of this ceremony which is now called Baby Shower too in India and people celebrate it with cake cutting, dance party, and other stuff. However one can celebrate this event as per their choice and we are here to share with you the 07 best gift ideas which you could gift it.

The most amazing stuff which you could gift is not something which is available in every common shop, of – course and therefore you are here searching for something the best and unique gift.

1. Delightful cake

Since there is so much creativity if we give a thought. Let me suggest you a delightful cake. Now how a cake could be unique? Let me answer this every occasion is incomplete without a cake and if you make creativity in a cake it could be remembered forever as the cake will be a part of every individual photo clicked at a party. So if it’s a baby shower, why not have a cake with a cradle, or with a sign of baby boy or girl? Or something with small shoes and dress with parents photograph in it. Try this, it will surely bring a big smile to everyone’s face.

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

What could be a second-most amazing gift, we have surveyed a lot and gave a thought to it and yes we are here to share it with you. This is something which could be proved a boon to mother. As it is considered lucky according to Vastu as well as by Feng Shui, nothing could be better to wish her luck.  This plant has all five elements of the universe and is, therefore, brings good luck to the mother as well as to the house.

3. A Little Sweet treat

Sweet could also be gifted with creatives. It could be muffins with the creative baby dress and a bottle created with sugar paste and pasted on a muffin to make look amazing. It could be made in blue and pink color with a question mark girl or a Boy. One can also order gift basket delivery to the house before you visit. This will amaze their mother with beautiful thoughts and love and fulfill her cravings for a sweet she would tempt for.

4. Stuffed Animal

Help expectant mother by gifting the Stuffed animal. It makes a baby, as well as a mother, feel comfortable and cuddly while holding it, and if big it feels very cozy to sleep with these stuffed animals. It can also be gifted to mother to play with her baby, as playing with babies with such stuffed animals brings calmness and reduces loneliness of kids. It will be a surprising baby shower gift for mom after birth

5. Gift Basket

This gift could be remembered forever by the mother. Make a box of gifts that would consist of something like after recovery labor kit or a Hatch to hospital. It could be customized by every individual by choosing products such as pregnancy care, nursing pads, breastfeeding survival kit, healthy snacks such as methi-laddoos, belly wraps, lip balm, moisturizer, maternity dress, etc. It will make amazing baby shower gifts for mom and dad. Stuff the basket with as many necessary things that new parents need to take care of the little guest. 

6. Baby Product Hamper

What could be one more best unique gift which could be used well too by mother! This is one of the awesome gifts. You can customize it as per your choice and requirement. You can select products such as baby lotion, baby powder, month stock of diapers, baby cream, rash-free cream, pacifiers, a tiny bottle, spoon for baby, baby wipes, soaps, bedding kit, new clothes month-wise, etc. You can send new baby gifts online to new moms, from Germany or any other place on earth. This will be a surprise and make your life easy to order it online. It will be proved impressive to a mother.

7. A personalized Mug

Common yet unique personalized gifts could be remembered forever. Now, a personalized gift that is simultaneously the best and easy to be found anywhere and everywhere is a personalized mug.  The reason why personalized Mug, the intent behind this is to make her remember every morning about the beautiful days she will be having ahead. Make a photo printed with a quote for a mother on a mug and best wishes for her baby to come into this world. It will make her eyes teary seeing this.

Such gifts will always be the best for greeting a mother to be for the most precious achievement in her life.  The above gift ideas are very common and beautiful when it comes to being the presents for such special occasions.